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All Pro Media Web Services – The Complete Package

All Pro Media provides complete web design services to showcase every aspect of your business. Alan Kirby and his team start with a unique concept tailored to your specific needs and then create a streamlined and consistent brand message. Websites by All Pro Media are also designed with the most modern practices and are optimized for SEO (search engine optimization). With better SEO and a fresh design, your business can increase web traffic, drive new leads, and increase sales.

Web design campaigns focused toward your business’s needs.

Personalized Service
Before creating a web design campaign, All Pro Media works to understand your business and what makes it extraordinary. They provide initial planning consultations and do research to find out the core values of your business, your target customers, who your competition is, and other marketing information. By taking the time to complete preliminary research, All Pro Media ensures its web design campaigns are extremely focused toward your business’s needs.
Conceptual Development
After initial research, All Pro Media begins the conceptual development process. All Pro Media considers how the site will flow easily for customers, and creates a seamless layout. Next, they write the script for the website based on the company’s “voice” or brand personality. Design elements, including graphics, photography, and typography also play a large role in this step. All Pro Media works to develop and keep your brand consistent and identifiable across all marketing platforms. They take into consideration your company colors, logo, and “feel.” Most importantly, All Pro Media produces websites that are mobile friendly and easy to use. A difficult or non-responsive website drives customers away. A simple layout, bold visuals, and a consistent message keep customers engaged.

An experienced, creative team offering timely and reliable service, and a 25 year business track record.

A great website is useless if nobody can find it. All Pro Media designs websites with optimized keywords, title tags, meta descriptions, headlines, and text for SEO. This “Google-friendly” practice gives your website more visibility and, therefore, more traffic. 95% of people don’t click past the first page of Google, so this step is crucial.
Why Choose All Pro Media?
All Pro Media has an experienced, creative team offering timely and reliable service, and a 25 year business track record. When you team up with All Pro Media you can expect personalized and strategic design practices that work. For more information, visit

Brand Recognition for Business Success

by Mike Dolianitis


Have you ever met one of those truly creative people who can visualize and conceptualize your idea? The kind of person who puts that sharp point to paper and truly captures your message for the world to see? Charmaine Blount with Get Noticed, Inc. will take your plan and create a universal BRANDING so that your business will “Get Noticed” in the market place. 

Stand out from your competition and Get Noticed!

By differentiating yourself from the competition, the opportunity to not only attract more business exists, but you can also increase the likelihood that you will retain that business for years to come. With your logo and marketing presence, Charmaine will show you through an unlimited number of vehicles how you can take your message to your Clients.

Brand recognition is the key to a successful business. Charmaine will help you in many ways, including Referral Programs, awesome Infographics, Car Wraps, and tons of Freebies for daily and Trade Show use.

Brand recognition is essential for your business.

By locating the highest quality products at the most competitive prices, Get Noticed, Inc provides you with the best value in promotional products.    Build your Brand… Get Noticed… and create an immediate emotional connection to your business that builds relationships.

 Call Charmaine at 336-580-0770 or email her at today and get ready to GET NOTICED!  

Discover the Beauty of Graphic Design by Nuclear Catfish

by Mike Dolianitis

Mavis Ligget is a creative force with exceptionally crafted graphic designs for use in both digital print and as works of art. Her graphic design firm Nuclear Catfish will take your business marketing to new and exciting heights of creative mastery.

Logos that capture the essence of your business

Her original logo creations capture the essence of your business, and you’ll love her bookmarks, posters, and other print media generated by an artist in every sense of the word. Whether you need a logo design, brochure art or product wraps, packaging, labels or tags, you can take advantage of Mavis’ full expertise with Mac, Windows, HTML, and multiple publishing formats.

Mavis also gives her time by educating and mentoring individuals, companies, and nonprofits on the joys of painting as a surrealist. Mavis is a community leader at the Art Alliance of Greensboro and an oil painting instructor. Her teachings include color theory, composition, and technique.

Crafted graphic design for businesses and nonprofits

Discover first hand the beautiful marketing and design art by Nuclear Catfish. Call Mavis at Nuclear Catfish today at 336-457-2966 or email her at

Tax Prep and Bookkeeping Since 2008

by Mike Dolianitis


For the best professional CPA services in the Piedmont Triad, call Shelby Tew, CPA. Since 2008, Shelby has helped small businesses and individuals save on tax expenses and obtain the highest level of return possible. Focusing on S-Corp, C-Corp, and individual filers, Shelby is a valued asset at reasonable rates. She works everyday with Realtors, Attorneys, Small Business owners, and Property Management Companies.

Payroll management, Quickbooks support, bookkeeping services, tax preparation and planning, IRS notifications and Offers of Compromise

Shelby Tew covers your CPA needs with exemplary service:

  • Licensed and participates in Continuing Education to keep current on an ever-changing tax code
  • Expert tax advice on the state and national levels
  • Financial analysis dedicated to your needs as the Client
  • Audit Support and representation in an IRS audit

Do you have new employees? Shelby can provide W-4 / NC-4 tax forms assistance and help new hires avoid owing and not loaning tax-free funds to the IRS via payroll deductions. Think about marketplace Insurance and The Affordable Care Act.

Let Shelby help you determine your most advantageous approach to this investment:

  • Will your income qualify you or your family for a tax credit?
  • What if your projected income has changed?
  • How much of the obtained subsidy has to be repaid through tax returns, and how is that minimized?
  • What ARE the qualifications?
Since 2008, Shelby has helped small businesses and individuals save on tax expenses and obtain the highest level of return possible.

So if you need Shelby to provide you with Annual or Monthly Accounting services, call her today at 336-949-4570. She can provide you with Payroll Management, Quickbooks Support, and all levels of bookkeeping services as well as tax preparation and planning, responding to IRS notifications, and Offers of Compromise.

Call Shelby today at 336-949-4570 or email her at

13 Years of Landscaping & Lawn Care

by Mike Dolianitis

Creating and maintaining a beautiful residential or commercial landscape requires the caring and detailed touch of a professional in every season. John Shoe at Spinning Blades Lawn Care has been providing landscaping and lawn care needs in the Piedmont Triad for the past 13 years. He and his expert team dedicate themselves to showcase the beauty of your home and its exterior, which not only enhances the beauty of your home for your family but also adds an extra dimension of curb appeal.

We Care and it Shows.

Call John at 336-362-0767 or for a consultation on their services, which include:

  • Mowing the lawn on a scheduled or one-off basis
  • Year-round Lawn Care
  • Leaf removal
  • Understanding soil, sun, and shade requirements of your lawn for proper seeding, fertilizer, and watering
  • Using shrubs to accent the beauty and enhance the safety of your home
  • Turning overgrown areas into zones of play and planting
  • Removing debris, such as fallen limbs after a storm
  • Installing plants
Providing landscaping and lawn care needs in the Piedmont Triad for the past 13 years

So if you reside or work in Guilford or Forsyth Counties, call John today. As autumn is upon us, it’s the perfect time for plug and seeding.

Call John at 336-362-0767 today. He cares, and it shows.

Identify and Prevent Fraudulent Transactions

by Mike Dolianitis

As a business manager or owner, every opportunity to reduce costs and improve ROI is vital for the success of your operation to grow and succeed. What better way to control those costs than by arming yourself with the most competitive value in Merchant Services? Terri Hawkins with Priority Payments East provides that value by helping businesses accept card payments and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Identify and prevent fraudulent transactions.

As the 2013 ISO of the year and PCI compliant, Priority Payments East will provide you with the premier technology in the industry and much more:

  • People – World-Class Support right here at home
  • Pricing – Affordable, competitive pricing, speed of funds, free rate review
  • Practical Solutions – The latest terminals & technology, live & online access

How can Terri help you grow your business by accepting credit cards? The universal approach by this industry leader connects you to your customer through the device of their choice, expanding your ability to make a sell.

Arm yourself with the most competitive value in Merchant Services.
  • Credit Card Terminals – All major providers such as Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, but also Google Wallet and Apple Pay
  • Embedded Chip – The huge news in the card acceptance industry: the chip will eliminate the “swipe” function and replace it with placing the card into the terminal throughout the transaction.  Often called “dipping,” this fraud prevention tool will save retailers from untold losses.
  • Cell access – Simply waive over the device to pay securely.

The “dip” feature will also transfer fraud liability from the consumer to the merchant in October, 2015.

Call Terri at 336-643-1947 or email her at so she can demonstrate the new terminals and help you train your associates on how to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions.


Commercial Realty with Local, Expert Experience

by Mike Dolianitis


In Commercial Real Estate, local experience and reputation are critically important. Willie Johnson is THE commercial Broker and licensed Auctioneer serving the Piedmont Triad. Caring deeply about each and every transaction, Willie is committed to learning everything about the property and the parties involved in order to create the most positive outcome.

Build confidence in your real estate development dollars.

Since 1993, Willie has obtained Auctioneer and Commercial Broker licensing, and he is dedicated to maintaining educational certifications in his field. Willie understands the parcel as well. Drawing a radius around the land, his education, investigation, and knowledge of Commercial Real Estate allow Willie to properly access the development needs of that space and the commercial needs associated with that build out.

Investors will find that Willie’s analysis builds confidence in their development dollars. Whether the property will be used for high-end restaurant use, department stores or a sports facility, call Willie at 336-288-9255 or email him at

See more exciting details at and you’ll see that Willie Johnson is the right call!   

Local experience, excellent reputation.

Branding 101: Nothing More Than Feelings

by Terri Hawkins

How do you define your company’s brand? How do you Get Noticed?

Often those tasked with branding for a company mistake logos, fonts, and pantones as your brand. Or perhaps they consider your brand a representation of your products.

Building your brand is about building relationships.

Branding is more an emotional, sensory understanding of what your company is, rather than an intellectual, rational memory of your tagline or logo. Building your brand is about building relationships, and the feelings that do that result in helping you sell more.

Promotional products can be selected to help evoke those feelings, build your brand, and increase your sales. Charmaine Blount will help your team create the promotional products to make the right emotional connection your brand is seeking.

  • Comfort? Apparel, lip balm
  • Stress Relief? Wine carriers, food, unique gifts, Oreo cookie dippers
  • Safety? Whistles, tools, lanyards
  • Valued partner? Calendars, Executive gifts like phone chargers

What feeling represents your company?

Your brand is the sum total of every experience people have with your company. Your marketing mix helps create those experiences. Get the right products to create the experiences connecting you to your target market.

Promotional products build your brand and increase your sales!

Need ideas? Need energy? Charmaine’s business is to help her clients Get Noticed,

  • for the right reasons,
  • for their brands,
  • for over ten years,
  • for you.

And don’t be shy about introducing Charmaine to your business friends—she loves meeting with business owners of all types—and becoming a valued part of branding teams!

“Advertising doesn’t create a product advantage. It can only convey it.”
~William Bernbach



Best Anti-Virus Software, Monitored and Maintained

by Karen Anderson

What do you do when your computer has a problem? Are you proactive or reactive? Most computer companies fix the problem, but wouldn’t it be nice if your computer was monitored so there wouldn’t be a problem? Ron Pierce of Trinity Solutions, now has the solution for the best anti-virus software and more.

Best-of-class anti-virus software, monitored and maintained


It’s the solution to providing you the best-of-class anti-virus software monitored and maintained, as well as taking care of all your Windows & Software patches/updates. You get monthly maintenance by skilled technicians to keep your system safe & running at its best ALL for a very small monthly fee.

OPTION #1: TS 2.0 Core Services

Benefits: Best-of-Class Antivirus, monitored & maintained to always be working & never needing to be renewed — PLUS Weekly Software Patch Updates that include Windows, Adobe & Java plus others.

Your cost? Only $8/month/computer
OPTION #2: TS 2.0 Proactive Services

Benefits: TS 2.0 Core Services PLUS monthly remote maintenance/PC Tuneup by our trained technicians to keep your systems at their best.

Your cost? Only $20/month/computer

Monthly maintenance by skilled technicians to keep your system safe & running at its best!

OPTION #3: TS 2.0 Proactive Services for Servers

Benefits: TS 2.0 Core Services, monthly remote maintenance/PC Tuneup & Server Monitoring of critical systems notifying of issues to reduce or eliminate your down time.

Your cost? Only $100/month/server

Ron’s team is extremely professional and trustworthy. They can remote-access your computer, which saves you time and money. Give Ron and Trinity Solutions a call for all of your computer needs.

“They speak Geek, but prefer English.”

Painters Who Care About Customers

by Karen Anderson

Does your house need a “paint makeover,” and are you just dreading this daunting project? Maybe your kitchen or bathroom cabinets need a fresh, new look. Ron Davis, owner of Southern Style Property Works, LLC, and his team of professional painters can help with all of your painting needs — both exterior and interior, refacing cabinets, and glazing or faux painting projects, as well as any drywall projects you may have.

Providing top service to every customer

Ron’s team has more than 20 years of combined experience. They are very customer oriented, showing up when promised, finishing on schedule, and cleaning up like they were never there. Ron’s crews also installs and repairs dry wall, which is a major benefit. Ron currently has four crews that stay busy providing top service to every customer.

Before you start any repainting project, one of the most important things to know before painting is to find out whether the current paint is oil or latex paint. Ron gives this tip: Rub a little denatured alcohol over the paint. If the paint comes off, it is latex paint. If it does not, it is oil-based paint.

If your house needs some sprucing up with a fresh coat of paint:
“Call others for a quote.
Call Ron to get the job done!”

Southern Style Property Works, LLC
Bonded and Insured
Call 336.383.6526 today!

Call others for a quote. Call Ron to get the job done!