by Karen Anderson

What do you do when your computer has a problem? Are you proactive or reactive? Most computer companies fix the problem, but wouldn’t it be nice if your computer was monitored so there wouldn’t be a problem? Ron Pierce of Trinity Solutions, now has the solution for the best anti-virus software and more.

Best-of-class anti-virus software, monitored and maintained


It’s the solution to providing you the best-of-class anti-virus software monitored and maintained, as well as taking care of all your Windows & Software patches/updates. You get monthly maintenance by skilled technicians to keep your system safe & running at its best ALL for a very small monthly fee.

OPTION #1: TS 2.0 Core Services

Benefits: Best-of-Class Antivirus, monitored & maintained to always be working & never needing to be renewed — PLUS Weekly Software Patch Updates that include Windows, Adobe & Java plus others.

Your cost? Only $8/month/computer
OPTION #2: TS 2.0 Proactive Services

Benefits: TS 2.0 Core Services PLUS monthly remote maintenance/PC Tuneup by our trained technicians to keep your systems at their best.

Your cost? Only $20/month/computer

Monthly maintenance by skilled technicians to keep your system safe & running at its best!

OPTION #3: TS 2.0 Proactive Services for Servers

Benefits: TS 2.0 Core Services, monthly remote maintenance/PC Tuneup & Server Monitoring of critical systems notifying of issues to reduce or eliminate your down time.

Your cost? Only $100/month/server

Ron’s team is extremely professional and trustworthy. They can remote-access your computer, which saves you time and money. Give Ron and Trinity Solutions a call for all of your computer needs.

“They speak Geek, but prefer English.”