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Best Anti-Virus Software, Monitored and Maintained

by Karen Anderson

What do you do when your computer has a problem? Are you proactive or reactive? Most computer companies fix the problem, but wouldn’t it be nice if your computer was monitored so there wouldn’t be a problem? Ron Pierce of Trinity Solutions, now has the solution for the best anti-virus software and more.

Best-of-class anti-virus software, monitored and maintained


It’s the solution to providing you the best-of-class anti-virus software monitored and maintained, as well as taking care of all your Windows & Software patches/updates. You get monthly maintenance by skilled technicians to keep your system safe & running at its best ALL for a very small monthly fee.

OPTION #1: TS 2.0 Core Services

Benefits: Best-of-Class Antivirus, monitored & maintained to always be working & never needing to be renewed — PLUS Weekly Software Patch Updates that include Windows, Adobe & Java plus others.

Your cost? Only $8/month/computer
OPTION #2: TS 2.0 Proactive Services

Benefits: TS 2.0 Core Services PLUS monthly remote maintenance/PC Tuneup by our trained technicians to keep your systems at their best.

Your cost? Only $20/month/computer

Monthly maintenance by skilled technicians to keep your system safe & running at its best!

OPTION #3: TS 2.0 Proactive Services for Servers

Benefits: TS 2.0 Core Services, monthly remote maintenance/PC Tuneup & Server Monitoring of critical systems notifying of issues to reduce or eliminate your down time.

Your cost? Only $100/month/server

Ron’s team is extremely professional and trustworthy. They can remote-access your computer, which saves you time and money. Give Ron and Trinity Solutions a call for all of your computer needs.

“They speak Geek, but prefer English.”

Top-Notch IT Service When You Need It

by Mike Dolianitis

Trinity Solutions, Inc. is a local Information Technology company  that cares about you as a client and as a person. The personal touch you get from Ron Pierce and his highly trained team members is different than any other IT company anywhere. In providing IT services for purchase, support, routers, servers, phone systems, and even network cabling, Trinity Solutions, Inc. takes the approach of exceeding your expectations. But how?

Within 60 miles, you will never have a trip charge. Ron will be on site at your work or home when you need him and Trinity Solutions offers a full warranty on their services.

Having problems on the weekend or at night? Call Trinity Solutions and there is NO additional rate for off-hours service. With more than 40 years of combined expertise, Trinity Solutions is the only group to call for all your IT needs.

Check out their website at and see the many testimonials PLUS a free list of tips you can use to prevent system issues. Now that’s service!  They are THE Cloud experts, and even provide a terrific Internet Marketing program. Go with Ron and Trinity Solutions, Inc. by calling 336-303-1730 or for all of your computer hardware and software needs. As they say at Trinity Solutions, Inc, “We speak Geek, but prefer English.”


Local IT Company Speaks Geek, but Prefers English!

by Dan Dunbeck

What happens when a computer in your business stops working properly?

  • Do your employees get frustrated?
  • Do your customers get upset when service is impacted?
  • Does your business suffer lost profits or even a damaged reputation?


All businesses are vulnerable to computer and networking problems. We have all been impacted at times by computer viruses and malware. Where do you go to get top-notch service from a company located in the Triad? Contact Ron Pierce of Trinity Solutions Inc.

Trinity Solutions provides:

  • Technical Consultations
  • Disaster Recovery & Planning
  • On-Site Support for PCs, Desktops, Laptops & Servers:
  • Installations
  • Repairs
  • Upgrades
  • Maintenance / Warranty
  • Documents Hardware & Software Inventory for Insurance purposes

Trinity Solutions will not charge a diagnostic fee and does not charge you if they can’t fix your problem. Who else does that?
Contact Ron Pierce at Trinity Solutions today for all of your IT support!

An IT Firm with Ethics


Ron-PierceEver wonder how long an IT tech really took to repair your computer?

Do you have to pay a fee before they even walk in your door?

Have you ever paid for IT service when they didn’t fix the problem?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ve been using the wrong IT person. Ron Pierce at Trinity Solutions prides his business on being ethical and fair to every customer all the time.

Trinity Solutions offers all levels of repair and service for both MACs and PCs–either remote or on site. They don’t add any travel charges to your bill as long as you are within a 50-mile radius of Greensboro. PLUS, if they don’t fix your problem you don’t pay a dime!

If you own a business with 10-50 computers, have 100+ employees, or out-of-state headquarters, Trinity Solutions will fit your needs and your budget. Even if you have an issue with just 1 computer, Trinity Solutions will help.