by Mike Dolianitis

Mavis Ligget is a creative force with exceptionally crafted graphic designs for use in both digital print and as works of art. Her graphic design firm Nuclear Catfish will take your business marketing to new and exciting heights of creative mastery.

Logos that capture the essence of your business

Her original logo creations capture the essence of your business, and you’ll love her bookmarks, posters, and other print media generated by an artist in every sense of the word. Whether you need a logo design, brochure art or product wraps, packaging, labels or tags, you can take advantage of Mavis’ full expertise with Mac, Windows, HTML, and multiple publishing formats.

Mavis also gives her time by educating and mentoring individuals, companies, and nonprofits on the joys of painting as a surrealist. Mavis is a community leader at the Art Alliance of Greensboro and an oil painting instructor. Her teachings include color theory, composition, and technique.

Crafted graphic design for businesses and nonprofits

Discover first hand the beautiful marketing and design art by Nuclear Catfish. Call Mavis at Nuclear Catfish today at 336-457-2966 or email her at