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Identify and Prevent Fraudulent Transactions

by Mike Dolianitis

As a business manager or owner, every opportunity to reduce costs and improve ROI is vital for the success of your operation to grow and succeed. What better way to control those costs than by arming yourself with the most competitive value in Merchant Services? Terri Hawkins with Priority Payments East provides that value by helping businesses accept card payments and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Identify and prevent fraudulent transactions.

As the 2013 ISO of the year and PCI compliant, Priority Payments East will provide you with the premier technology in the industry and much more:

  • People – World-Class Support right here at home
  • Pricing – Affordable, competitive pricing, speed of funds, free rate review
  • Practical Solutions – The latest terminals & technology, live & online access

How can Terri help you grow your business by accepting credit cards? The universal approach by this industry leader connects you to your customer through the device of their choice, expanding your ability to make a sell.

Arm yourself with the most competitive value in Merchant Services.
  • Credit Card Terminals – All major providers such as Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, but also Google Wallet and Apple Pay
  • Embedded Chip – The huge news in the card acceptance industry: the chip will eliminate the “swipe” function and replace it with placing the card into the terminal throughout the transaction.  Often called “dipping,” this fraud prevention tool will save retailers from untold losses.
  • Cell access – Simply waive over the device to pay securely.

The “dip” feature will also transfer fraud liability from the consumer to the merchant in October, 2015.

Call Terri at 336-643-1947 or email her at so she can demonstrate the new terminals and help you train your associates on how to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions.


Affordable Credit Card Acceptance Solutions

by Charmaine Blount


Terri Hawkins with Priority Payments East has your business at the top of her mind. Her priority is growing your business.

Priority Payments East provides businesses with affordable credit card acceptance solutions:

  • World-class support…because you and your time are valuable
  • Affordable, robust payment acceptance solutions for clients…because they care.
  • Live & On-line access….because your money matters.


  • 2015 Year of the mPOS: featuring iConnect

Mobile POS, or Point-of-Sale applications are hot on the horizon, with developers cutting into the traditional behemoth POS software market share. Priority Payments East has partnered with iConnect as one a highly recommended solution because of their great features for a number of industries. An mPOS is a smart phone, tablet or dedicated wireless device that performs the functions of a cash register or electronic point-of-sale terminal (POS).

Mobile POS will allow your business to be more efficient, sell more, and spend less time managing it. Mobile POS means business owners can run their business with access to real-time, cloud-based data:

  • From inventory to scheduling employees
  • Online booking with clients
  • Integrating with payment services
  • QuickBooks online and many other features
Good referrals for mPOS? Single or multi-location retailers, salons, spas, barber shops, medical practices, mobile sales and service providers, and more.
Priority provides many card and check/ACH payment acceptance solutions beyond mPOS, including secure EMV & NFC terminals; Virtual Terminals; mobile apps; eCommerce and software-integrated options for retail, B2B, non-profits, education, medical, restaurants, automotive, associations, franchises, banks, and more.

Your priority is Priority Payments East‘s priority. Contact Terri Hawkins at 336.643.1947 for your FREE rate review and a personalized solution for your business.