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Commercial Realty with Local, Expert Experience

by Mike Dolianitis


In Commercial Real Estate, local experience and reputation are critically important. Willie Johnson is THE commercial Broker and licensed Auctioneer serving the Piedmont Triad. Caring deeply about each and every transaction, Willie is committed to learning everything about the property and the parties involved in order to create the most positive outcome.

Build confidence in your real estate development dollars.

Since 1993, Willie has obtained Auctioneer and Commercial Broker licensing, and he is dedicated to maintaining educational certifications in his field. Willie understands the parcel as well. Drawing a radius around the land, his education, investigation, and knowledge of Commercial Real Estate allow Willie to properly access the development needs of that space and the commercial needs associated with that build out.

Investors will find that Willie’s analysis builds confidence in their development dollars. Whether the property will be used for high-end restaurant use, department stores or a sports facility, call Willie at 336-288-9255 or email him at

See more exciting details at and you’ll see that Willie Johnson is the right call!   

Local experience, excellent reputation.

A Mortgage Company That Cares About You

by Mike Dolianitis

Mortgage Consultant John Passmore provides clients with the highest level of knowledge and service as the Branch Manager at HomeBridge Financial Services by carefully listening and sincerely helping people. The difference between John and others in the industry is that he truly cares about each person. His desire to help is obvious from the first time you meet John, and because he treats people so well that they come back time again for their mortgage purchase or refinance needs.

John is optimistic that the economy will continue to improve, which gives First Time Home Buyers the best opportunity in years to take advantage of homeowner benefits and historic low rates. There is no one better to explain rates, terms, and fees with such care and deliberation as does John. John talks with passion about helping people.

Here are some of critical points that every potential borrower should know:

  • Have a clean Credit Report. Scores can range from 350-850, and conforming loans have a minimum score of 740. But don’t worry because John can find you a loan even with a 580 score.
  • Take care in avoiding Judgments and Liens, Collections, and Late Payments.
  • Debt ratios are needed to meet lender guidelines and vary from investor to investor.
  • Interested in a refi? John will show many cost-cutting tools available to all homeowners – even in you’re in Foreclosure or had a Bankruptcy.
  • 2nd Mortgages, Investment Property? These products exist, and John has the lowest rates for both.
  • Many loans require PMI – ask John how you can avoid this extra cost!
  • Look at his offerings of Corporate, Reverse Mortgages, and Construction to Perm loans as well.
The Best Care in Mortgage Lending

All of this and more come with a sit-down with John. A terrific program that John is using very well with many Client is the Down Payment Housing Assistance Program to borrowers. Instead of paying 5% down, he can get that as low as 0.5%! Again – the difference with John is that he cares and wants to help people. Email or call John today Call John today at 336-235-4691 for the best care in Mortgage Lending.


Need to sell your home? Looking to buy a home?

by Charmaine Blount

Ramilya Siegel with Allen Tate Realtors will provide you with exceptional service while finding the right home for you at the right price. PLUS Ramilya goes above and beyond the call of duty to sell your home!

What will 2015 bring in the housing market?

Households headed by millennials will see significant growth as a reflection of economic gains…Next year’s addition of 2.75 million jobs and increased household formation will be the two key factors driving first-time buyer sales.

Household formations in 2014 through September are already at their highest rate since 2005.

46 % of all buyers were first time buyers.

Landlords have ramped up rents by the fastest pace in six years, with national vacancy rates the lowest in two decades.

Ramilya goes above and beyond the call of duty to sell your home!

More 2015 Predictions

  • We will have back to “normal” sales and price predictions.
  • We will chase interest rates.
  • Mortgage financing still complex, but new financing options are coming back.
  • a 5% increase in sales is our prediction.
  • New Construction will be a bigger consumer option.
  • The luxury segment is showing positive growth.
  • Job growth in the Triad is KEY.
Exceptional service while finding the right home for you at the right price!

Fabulous Team Restoration Gives New Life to a Neglected Executive Home

by Charmaine Blount

Dave Kiddy, owner of Real Estate Investors of the Triad, had a vision. Randy Hopkins, owner of R.S. Hopkins Construction, had a plan. Together they recently partnered on a diamond-in-the-rough restoration project on Hobbs Road in Greensboro, NC.

The whole property was hidden by a forest of trees, shrubs, and weeds. The inside was sadly neglected by the previous home owners. A major facelift was a must!

From the investment aspect of securing the property and the expertise of rehab restoration, this neglected home has become the new shiny gem on the block.

Some would ask “Are You Crazy?” Dave and Randy’s response would be a resounding “NO!” They like to think outside the box. Team Kiddy and Hopkins bring to the table a hassle-free vision for investment restoration projects.

See these before and after pictures. Then call them for YOUR restoration project–big or small!

Hobbs Outside Old Randy Hopkins Dave Kiddy

Are you considering a Reverse Mortgage?

by Charmaine Blount

Are you considering a Reverse Mortgage?

The Bynum Law Firm, PLLC is a full-service law firm. While primary areas of practice are Real Estate Transactions and Family Law, The Bynum Law Firm takes pride to fully educate their clients.

When consulting with a client who is seeking legal counsel, Christie Bynum reviews the pros and cons to determine whether a reverse mortgage is a good fit for her clients needs.

Here are some of the qualifications for a reverse mortgage:

  • Both occupants are 65+.
  • Occupants own the home.
  • The home is the clients’ primary residence.
  • The client must discuss the program with an independent counselor (approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development [HUD] and from a HUD-approved agency).


  • Homeowner may reside in the home without making a monthly mortgage payment.
  • Homeowner may receive funds in a lump-sum payment or a line of credit along with other options.
  • Proceeds are tax free.
  • Estate heirs inherit any remaining equity after reverse mortgage is paid.
  • Funds may be used for anything you choose (i.e., home repairs, in-home care, purchase of a second home, vacation, etc.)


  • Not recommended if a spouse is younger than 65
  • Homeowner cannot budget taxes and insurance.
  • Fees can be higher than a traditional loan.
  • Value of estate inheritances may decrease over time.

*PLUS GET YOUR CLOSING ON LOCATION! –  If you are unable to travel to their office, they can travel to the location most convenient for you, such as your realtor’s office, lender’s office, place of employment, etc. They travel to any location within Guilford and Forsyth Counties.

Attorney Bynum is committed to providing all clients with personal attention and dedication that their case deserves. Contact The Bynum Law Firm today for a consultation!

Need to Sell Your Property Fast? Call the Rainmaker–Willie Johnson

Professional auctioneer Willie Johnson at Willie Johnson Auction & Realty has one job and one job only–to entice buyers to bid–and bid HIGH–and pay before they go! OK, maybe that’s three jobs.

Willie Johnson Auction & Realty specializes in selling both commercial and residential real estate properties, including vehicles, possessions, stocks, bonds, etc. Basically, the house and everything in it!

Willie Johnson Auction & Realty’s goal is to gather the largest number of bidders to your site on auction day. They utilize a number of resources to market your property before auction:

  • Online advertising
  • Newspaper ads
  • Brochures
  • Word of mouth
  • And more!

Willie Johnson is licensed to work for the seller in four states: North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia.

When you employ Willie Johnson Auction & Realty, it is satisfying to know that you are dealing with a professional from start to finish. They typically sell a property within 30-45 days. So, if you need to sell your property fast, contact Willie Johnson.


Homes to Buy, Rent, Sell & Rent-To-Own

by Dan Dunbeck

  • Do you need to SELL your home, but have more repairs than  you can handle?
  • Do you want to BUY a home that has been renovated?
  • Do you want to RENT or RENT-TO-OWN a home?

Dave Kiddy of Real Estate Investors of the Triad offers creative solutions to meet the needs buyers and sellers, especially those buyers and sellers who are facing unusual challenges or feel they have run out of options.
If you are a SELLER, do you own an unwanted house and need to sell quickly?

Does this describe your situation?

• In foreclosure?
• Is your house vacant?
• Need repairs or renovations?
• Has your listing expired?
• Behind on payments?
• Job Transfer or Relocation?
• Bad tenants?
• Owe liens?
• Divorce?
• Estate Sale?
• 100% financed?
• Making 2 house payments?
Have you always dreamed of owning your own home? Do you have CREDIT problems? BUYERS, Dave can also show you how you can own your own home.

If you can afford a reasonable down payment and monthly payments, you may be able to easily qualify for one of our exciting home purchase programs!

Whether you are a buyer or a seller – Contact Dave today for a FREE Consultation.

Does Your Real Estate Attorney Travel to Your Location?

by Charmaine Blount

Your traveling Real Estate Attorney, Christie Bynum of the Bynum Law Firm does. Not only that, but you get a FREE $50 gas card if your conventional loan doesn’t close in 45 days! They also guarantee a 60-day closing for FHA loans.

Christie takes the hassle out of real estate closings by providing convenience for her clients.


As a traveling Real Estate Attorney, Christie provides the following professional services to every client:

1. Ensures that you obtain a clear title

2. Addresses current changes within the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)

3. Provides knowledge so you fully understand the completed transaction

4. Furnishes reputable resources for other services you may need for your closing

5. Communicates with lender for a reasonable time line for your loan approval

6. Builds meaningful relationships through dedication and trust


Contact Christie Bynum to find out how she can hep you today!


What services do you want from  your real estate attorney?