Professional auctioneer Willie Johnson at Willie Johnson Auction & Realty has one job and one job only–to entice buyers to bid–and bid HIGH–and pay before they go! OK, maybe that’s three jobs.

Willie Johnson Auction & Realty specializes in selling both commercial and residential real estate properties, including vehicles, possessions, stocks, bonds, etc. Basically, the house and everything in it!

Willie Johnson Auction & Realty’s goal is to gather the largest number of bidders to your site on auction day. They utilize a number of resources to market your property before auction:

  • Online advertising
  • Newspaper ads
  • Brochures
  • Word of mouth
  • And more!

Willie Johnson is licensed to work for the seller in four states: North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia.

When you employ Willie Johnson Auction & Realty, it is satisfying to know that you are dealing with a professional from start to finish. They typically sell a property within 30-45 days. So, if you need to sell your property fast, contact Willie Johnson.