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A Mortgage Company That Cares About You

by Mike Dolianitis

Mortgage Consultant John Passmore provides clients with the highest level of knowledge and service as the Branch Manager at HomeBridge Financial Services by carefully listening and sincerely helping people. The difference between John and others in the industry is that he truly cares about each person. His desire to help is obvious from the first time you meet John, and because he treats people so well that they come back time again for their mortgage purchase or refinance needs.

John is optimistic that the economy will continue to improve, which gives First Time Home Buyers the best opportunity in years to take advantage of homeowner benefits and historic low rates. There is no one better to explain rates, terms, and fees with such care and deliberation as does John. John talks with passion about helping people.

Here are some of critical points that every potential borrower should know:

  • Have a clean Credit Report. Scores can range from 350-850, and conforming loans have a minimum score of 740. But don’t worry because John can find you a loan even with a 580 score.
  • Take care in avoiding Judgments and Liens, Collections, and Late Payments.
  • Debt ratios are needed to meet lender guidelines and vary from investor to investor.
  • Interested in a refi? John will show many cost-cutting tools available to all homeowners – even in you’re in Foreclosure or had a Bankruptcy.
  • 2nd Mortgages, Investment Property? These products exist, and John has the lowest rates for both.
  • Many loans require PMI – ask John how you can avoid this extra cost!
  • Look at his offerings of Corporate, Reverse Mortgages, and Construction to Perm loans as well.
The Best Care in Mortgage Lending

All of this and more come with a sit-down with John. A terrific program that John is using very well with many Client is the Down Payment Housing Assistance Program to borrowers. Instead of paying 5% down, he can get that as low as 0.5%! Again – the difference with John is that he cares and wants to help people. Email or call John today Call John today at 336-235-4691 for the best care in Mortgage Lending.


Loans for Heroes

by Terri Hawkins

Our local PBL Loan Hero and Military Vet, John Passmore, Branch Manager for Greensboro’s Gateway Funding, shared some great home mortgage savings for heroes.

In addition to all the personal mortgage services John and his professional team provide, including First-Time Buyer Assistance, they can help heroes to realize an additional $400 off closing costs or a free one-year home warranty (worth $450)!  This program is a meaningful, tangible way to thank those who are serving or have served our country and communities.

Workforce heroes include:

  •  Military Personnel
  • Firefighters
  • Police Officers
  • Public Safety Officers
  • Educators
  • Health Care Workers

Know of a workforce hero? A first-time home buyer? ANYONE looking to buy a home? Introduce them to John and his team to learn more BEFORE they start shopping for their first or next home.