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Fabulous Team Restoration Gives New Life to a Neglected Executive Home

by Charmaine Blount

Dave Kiddy, owner of Real Estate Investors of the Triad, had a vision. Randy Hopkins, owner of R.S. Hopkins Construction, had a plan. Together they recently partnered on a diamond-in-the-rough restoration project on Hobbs Road in Greensboro, NC.

The whole property was hidden by a forest of trees, shrubs, and weeds. The inside was sadly neglected by the previous home owners. A major facelift was a must!

From the investment aspect of securing the property and the expertise of rehab restoration, this neglected home has become the new shiny gem on the block.

Some would ask “Are You Crazy?” Dave and Randy’s response would be a resounding “NO!” They like to think outside the box. Team Kiddy and Hopkins bring to the table a hassle-free vision for investment restoration projects.

See these before and after pictures. Then call them for YOUR restoration project–big or small!

Hobbs Outside Old Randy Hopkins Dave Kiddy

Got an “Are You Crazy?” Building Project?

by Terri Hawkins

So you’re a little rebellious. Your style is a little nonconformist. Perhaps you just like thinking outside the box. Or maybe your home was built back in the day and doesn’t lend itself to your lifestyle now. Going green. Whatever. Never fear, there is a builder just for you.

Randy Hopkins, owner of R.S. Hopkins Construction, has built an array of custom homes for years, and enjoys the challenge of non-traditional projects. Ask to see some of the fun “before & after” shots of his work and the projects in his portfolio (or just peek at them on his website). In addition to new homes, he takes on kitchen and bath remodels, additions, new decks or conversions to porches, and even commercial space renovations. He also works well with decorators and designers, making their designs of your dreams come true.

Got a project, or know someone talking about one? Call or email Randy to set up a meeting with R.S. Hopkins Construction, The Home of Hassle-Free Building & Remodeling, and let them take it from there.


What changes would you like made to your home?