by Karen Anderson

Does your house need a “paint makeover,” and are you just dreading this daunting project? Maybe your kitchen or bathroom cabinets need a fresh, new look. Ron Davis, owner of Southern Style Property Works, LLC, and his team of professional painters can help with all of your painting needs — both exterior and interior, refacing cabinets, and glazing or faux painting projects, as well as any drywall projects you may have.

Providing top service to every customer

Ron’s team has more than 20 years of combined experience. They are very customer oriented, showing up when promised, finishing on schedule, and cleaning up like they were never there. Ron’s crews also installs and repairs dry wall, which is a major benefit. Ron currently has four crews that stay busy providing top service to every customer.

Before you start any repainting project, one of the most important things to know before painting is to find out whether the current paint is oil or latex paint. Ron gives this tip: Rub a little denatured alcohol over the paint. If the paint comes off, it is latex paint. If it does not, it is oil-based paint.

If your house needs some sprucing up with a fresh coat of paint:
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