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Brand Recognition for Business Success

by Mike Dolianitis


Have you ever met one of those truly creative people who can visualize and conceptualize your idea? The kind of person who puts that sharp point to paper and truly captures your message for the world to see? Charmaine Blount with Get Noticed, Inc. will take your plan and create a universal BRANDING so that your business will “Get Noticed” in the market place. 

Stand out from your competition and Get Noticed!

By differentiating yourself from the competition, the opportunity to not only attract more business exists, but you can also increase the likelihood that you will retain that business for years to come. With your logo and marketing presence, Charmaine will show you through an unlimited number of vehicles how you can take your message to your Clients.

Brand recognition is the key to a successful business. Charmaine will help you in many ways, including Referral Programs, awesome Infographics, Car Wraps, and tons of Freebies for daily and Trade Show use.

Brand recognition is essential for your business.

By locating the highest quality products at the most competitive prices, Get Noticed, Inc provides you with the best value in promotional products.    Build your Brand… Get Noticed… and create an immediate emotional connection to your business that builds relationships.

 Call Charmaine at 336-580-0770 or email her at today and get ready to GET NOTICED!  

Branding 101: Nothing More Than Feelings

by Terri Hawkins

How do you define your company’s brand? How do you Get Noticed?

Often those tasked with branding for a company mistake logos, fonts, and pantones as your brand. Or perhaps they consider your brand a representation of your products.

Building your brand is about building relationships.

Branding is more an emotional, sensory understanding of what your company is, rather than an intellectual, rational memory of your tagline or logo. Building your brand is about building relationships, and the feelings that do that result in helping you sell more.

Promotional products can be selected to help evoke those feelings, build your brand, and increase your sales. Charmaine Blount will help your team create the promotional products to make the right emotional connection your brand is seeking.

  • Comfort? Apparel, lip balm
  • Stress Relief? Wine carriers, food, unique gifts, Oreo cookie dippers
  • Safety? Whistles, tools, lanyards
  • Valued partner? Calendars, Executive gifts like phone chargers

What feeling represents your company?

Your brand is the sum total of every experience people have with your company. Your marketing mix helps create those experiences. Get the right products to create the experiences connecting you to your target market.

Promotional products build your brand and increase your sales!

Need ideas? Need energy? Charmaine’s business is to help her clients Get Noticed,

  • for the right reasons,
  • for their brands,
  • for over ten years,
  • for you.

And don’t be shy about introducing Charmaine to your business friends—she loves meeting with business owners of all types—and becoming a valued part of branding teams!

“Advertising doesn’t create a product advantage. It can only convey it.”
~William Bernbach



Promotional Products Tailored to Your Business

It’s time to throw out everything you know about large, impersonal companies with expensive promotional products. Get Noticed is not a large online vendor. They’re not a big company without a face. And they’re not a company that doesn’t stand behind their word.

What they are is…

  • A smaller company with BIG service
  • Business relationships made PERSONAL
  • Reliable & trustworthy—EVERY DAY of the week
  • Your personal idea machine for SUCCESS

Through strategic planning, Charmaine Blount will discuss your business goals, define your target audience, and develop a promotional product campaign that achieves your specific objectives. Get Noticed helps you accomplish what other marketing methods don’t — and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your image, brand, and reputation are safe with them.