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13 Years of Landscaping & Lawn Care

by Mike Dolianitis

Creating and maintaining a beautiful residential or commercial landscape requires the caring and detailed touch of a professional in every season. John Shoe at Spinning Blades Lawn Care has been providing landscaping and lawn care needs in the Piedmont Triad for the past 13 years. He and his expert team dedicate themselves to showcase the beauty of your home and its exterior, which not only enhances the beauty of your home for your family but also adds an extra dimension of curb appeal.

We Care and it Shows.

Call John at 336-362-0767 or for a consultation on their services, which include:

  • Mowing the lawn on a scheduled or one-off basis
  • Year-round Lawn Care
  • Leaf removal
  • Understanding soil, sun, and shade requirements of your lawn for proper seeding, fertilizer, and watering
  • Using shrubs to accent the beauty and enhance the safety of your home
  • Turning overgrown areas into zones of play and planting
  • Removing debris, such as fallen limbs after a storm
  • Installing plants
Providing landscaping and lawn care needs in the Piedmont Triad for the past 13 years

So if you reside or work in Guilford or Forsyth Counties, call John today. As autumn is upon us, it’s the perfect time for plug and seeding.

Call John at 336-362-0767 today. He cares, and it shows.

Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping Add Curb Appeal

by Mike Dolianitis

Lawn Care is one of the easiest ways to enhance the beauty of your home and it can be done with the care and quality found through Jonathan Shoe at Spinning Blades Lawn Care. Add excitement and color to your property while living in function and style. Spinning Blades Lawn Care will provide you with lawn maintenance seasonally or throughout the entire year, and mowing is only part of the great value you get from Jonathan and his 12 years experience in the lawn care business. Whether you’re in need of yard clean-up, leaf disposal, natural area creation, and maintenance or planting and grooming bushes, Spinning Blades Lawn Care will quickly and professionally exceed all of your expectations.

Does your property have a slope or erosion problem? Let Spinning Blades Lawn Care repair and beautify the area with river rock and timber steps. Within just a few days, you will see how beaming and bright your home looks — that’s important for your family and it pays off immediately if you are putting your home on the market. Need a complete tear-out and stump removal? No job is too big or too small for Jonathan and his tenured crew.

Jonathan takes pride in being on the job and listening to your needs. If you are in the Triad, call Spinning Blades Lawn Care today at 336-362-0767 or email Jonathan at

Spinning Blades Lawn Care – We Care and it Shows

Go with the Flow — Drain Your Yard Properly

by Terri Hawkins

Jonathan Shoe with Spinning Blades Lawn Care loves the outdoors. After graduating from UNCG with a degree in history and a brief stint teaching, he returned to his outdoor roots and began a new trade. What began as a few lawns, gradually expanded as his customers wanted him to do more. So he sought out the best in his field, and as he added services, his landscaping business grew.

This past week at PBL he shared some of his knowledge about landscape drainage issues. Rainy days can reveal a host of problems that occur when water becomes a destructive force. When not properly diverted away from homes or property, water problems ranging from mosquitoes and mold to soggy yards and flooding can ensue.

Drainage problems can also be caused by the wrong choice of pipe or improper installation. Corrugated pipe is easy to work with, but easy to damage. It can be crushed by construction vehicles driving over it, such as when remodeling or adding an outbuilding. Hard pipe is more expensive and less flexible, but provides worry-free drainage for 15–20 years, helping water to flow properly and protect your property.

Don’t get mired in the mud, drown in leaves or overgrown property! Call Jonathan with Spinning Blades Lawn Care and let his team care for your year-round landscaping needs — or introduce him to your Triad friends. Whatever season it is, Jonathan’s team is ready to help with residential and commercial landscaping, from planting flowers and shrubs to year-round mowing and trim work, fall leaf removal, grass plugging, and seeding.

As Jonathan says, “We care and it shows.”


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