Award Winning Interior Design

by Mike Dolianitis

Award winning Interior Designer Maria Adams at IDS by Maria will provide your home with a fresh, new style by taking average spaces and creating some amazing and captivating rooms. Maria uses a unique blend of colors and pallets to make any room or your entire home simply “pop.”

For more than 10 years, the work by Maria has been featured in Online Today, the Greensboro Designer Showcase, and Chic Chateau Designer Showcase. She was recently awarded the 2014 winning designer in Customer Satisfaction by Houzz. Whether you are looking to transform a single room, your entire home or just that one special piece, Interior Designs by Maria is the only place for superior results.

Her theme, “Where classic design meets modern solutions,” is exactly what makes her finished rooms so beautiful. You will definitely be impressed with her talent as well as her skill in meeting deadlines and expectations. Chic Chateau recently honored Maria as Lead Designer of a multi-designer project managing 15 independent designers. She is a special person, and is ready to help you find that beauty in your home. Call her today at 336-944-2750 and you, too, will be captivated by her unique transformations.

Home Maintenance & Repair with Superior Results

by Mike Dolianitis

With more than 20 years of repair and handyman service experience, Joel Hampson with Complete Home Services has provided superior results for home owners and commercial clients of all sizes. By listening to their clients’ needs, Joel will design the work plan and complete it with style and beauty at a reasonable price. Joel has shown just how much even the smallest improvement can make. So if you have any repair or handyman needs from shelving to custom builds, drywall to closets, bathrooms, kitchens, floor tiles, and even your attic … call Joel today at 336-422-9891.  Joel will provide you with a repair that lasts, and you will be completely impressed with the final result.

Is Complete Home Services able to help with your exterior as well as interior needs? YES! You’ll love the look that Complete Home Services adds by creating usable outside space. Save money and avoid the need to rent a storage unit, too.

Have you ever had or seen a water leak in a laundry room, bathroom or kitchen? The damage to flooring, sub-floors, and drywall is extensive. Not only a danger, but the mold and potential for termites is all too real. Joel will not only repair the damage, but make it better than new. Also, Complete Home Services just completed a French Door repair and extended the doorway by nearly a foot to enhance the lighting and beauty of an elegant entrance.  They can do it all!

From top to bottom, Joel and Complete Home Services will guarantee quality and always puts you first. Being family owned, Joel understands how important your home is. He takes pride in offering quality results. Residential and commercial clients rave about Joel — and after the repair, call on Complete Home Services again and ask for his wife of 17 years – Carley.  She and her team provide Full Maid Services.

Call Joel today!

Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping Add Curb Appeal

by Mike Dolianitis

Lawn Care is one of the easiest ways to enhance the beauty of your home and it can be done with the care and quality found through Jonathan Shoe at Spinning Blades Lawn Care. Add excitement and color to your property while living in function and style. Spinning Blades Lawn Care will provide you with lawn maintenance seasonally or throughout the entire year, and mowing is only part of the great value you get from Jonathan and his 12 years experience in the lawn care business. Whether you’re in need of yard clean-up, leaf disposal, natural area creation, and maintenance or planting and grooming bushes, Spinning Blades Lawn Care will quickly and professionally exceed all of your expectations.

Does your property have a slope or erosion problem? Let Spinning Blades Lawn Care repair and beautify the area with river rock and timber steps. Within just a few days, you will see how beaming and bright your home looks — that’s important for your family and it pays off immediately if you are putting your home on the market. Need a complete tear-out and stump removal? No job is too big or too small for Jonathan and his tenured crew.

Jonathan takes pride in being on the job and listening to your needs. If you are in the Triad, call Spinning Blades Lawn Care today at 336-362-0767 or email Jonathan at

Spinning Blades Lawn Care – We Care and it Shows

Can You See Who Was in Your Home?

by Terri Hawkins

By the time the police arrive, it is likely the intruders will be gone. When people think about improving their safety, video surveillance is an added layer of security to consider, as it complements access control and important intrusion detection. Video recording serves as a deterrence to many criminals—but when this is not the case, a properly installed system can provide families and businesses a better chance to help authorities identify and capture thieves or trespassers.

Gary Hedrick, of Alarm Alert, provides a number of quality, affordable plans for homeowners, renters, and business needs and budgets, including payment plans, so his clients don’t have to compromise quality for cash flow. Plans vary from simple, 10-second motion-triggered video recordings stored by a host service with monthly fees and limited storage to robust packages with internal, continuous recordings stored on a local server with features, such as remote access. There are many different types and qualities of cameras, depending on the range of monitoring and what a client would want authorities to be able to see.

So, if you know of someone who locks their door at night, but realizes that is not enough peace-of-mind security or backup, give Gary a call. The Alarm Alert team also serves both home and business security needs, so think about who you know with security concerns–or make your own appointment today!

Get Found by Google with Websites & Video by All Pro Media

by Mike Dolianitis
For the past 25 years, All Pro Media has been providing the excitement and sizzle to designs, and increasing sales revenues by working closely with clients to create amazing website results! You will always have timely service provided by experienced professionals who are always on the cutting edge of new technology. Alan Kirby and his team at All Pro Media work with you to create a 5 point plan for success in website design and video production:

  1. Conceptual development.  Taking time with you to research your needs and gain an in-depth understanding of your business, customers, and competitors so you stand above the crowd.
  2. Universal Branding is critical.  Don’t we all recognize the logo for Coca-Cola? All Pro Media will help you create a script and proper flow to your website.  As your IMAGE is defined, more potential customers will come your way and also refer others to you!
  3. The results here are amazing in that the collaboration between graphics, photography, and typography are enhanced by the development technology that will put your site on multiple platforms and devices.
  4. Now that the product is created, it has to be generated through All Pro Media’s Search Engine Optimization team. Get found by Google, Yahoo, and Bing with the extensive keyword research they conduct. And you can grow your social media presence on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and more!
  5. And finally – Internet Marketing.  The results of your investment shine clearly with newly reached customers–both demographically and geographically. The videos are simply spectacular!

Call Alan at All Pro Media today at 336-229-7700 for the best in website design!


Top-Notch IT Service When You Need It

by Mike Dolianitis

Trinity Solutions, Inc. is a local Information Technology company  that cares about you as a client and as a person. The personal touch you get from Ron Pierce and his highly trained team members is different than any other IT company anywhere. In providing IT services for purchase, support, routers, servers, phone systems, and even network cabling, Trinity Solutions, Inc. takes the approach of exceeding your expectations. But how?

Within 60 miles, you will never have a trip charge. Ron will be on site at your work or home when you need him and Trinity Solutions offers a full warranty on their services.

Having problems on the weekend or at night? Call Trinity Solutions and there is NO additional rate for off-hours service. With more than 40 years of combined expertise, Trinity Solutions is the only group to call for all your IT needs.

Check out their website at and see the many testimonials PLUS a free list of tips you can use to prevent system issues. Now that’s service!  They are THE Cloud experts, and even provide a terrific Internet Marketing program. Go with Ron and Trinity Solutions, Inc. by calling 336-303-1730 or for all of your computer hardware and software needs. As they say at Trinity Solutions, Inc, “We speak Geek, but prefer English.”


Stress-Free Moving & Junk Removal in Greensboro

by Shelby Kernodle
Have you ever seen that big, bright orange and green moving truck around the triad and think to yourself, “What is THAT?”

Well…that truck happens to be College Hunks Hauling Junk. You may have even seen them on CNN, Hoarders or even Oprah! There are 50 Franchises in 35 states, and the Triad has it’s very own franchise right here in Greensboro owned by Anthony Auman.

There is no project too big or too small for College Hunks. College Hunks offers Junk Removal Pick-Ups at your home, apartment, office or workspace.

ECO-FRIENDLY JUNK REMOVAL: College Hunks Hauling Junk will remove ALL non-hazardous items from anywhere on your property, and they will always recycle, donate, and dispose of them in the most environmentally friendly manner.

You can watch a video all about College Hunks here. Every clean-cut member of their team is licensed and bonded. College Hunks Hauling Junk has revolutionized the industry with both honesty and transparency.

Give Anthony Auman at College Hunks Hauling Junk a call at 336-791-4700 and schedule your STRESS-FREE pick-up today!

Fast & Reliable Background Checks and Drug Screening

by Shelby Kernodle

Are you a business owner who is tired of employee turnover?

Do you want to be sure you have the right tenant to rent your property?

Mike Dolianitis with Resolve Partners recommends that you take the time to ask the right questions to screen your tenant or employee prospect. Securing the right employees and tenants make the difference between failure and success for your company.

Beyond that, Resolve Partners offers employee and tenant background checks and drug screenings to ensure that you’re always placing the right person in your business or property. Resolve partners is a nationwide resident and employment screening service provider, whether for tenant screening, drug testing and/or employment screening. The results are fast and reliable–every time!

Let Resolve-Partners take the risk out of the equation BEFORE it happens!

Don’t Settle, Dream BIG!

by Terri Hawkins

What are your goals for 2015? Are you dreaming BIG? If not, Lynne Gladstone with Vísi would love to share the vision of her team. On Wednesday, December 10, Lynn and her visitor, Priscilla Harrison, spoke about leveraging opportunity, which they summed up in the words of their new Vísi Anthem:


Everyone wakes up to begin their day, yet how many embrace the opportunity to conquer it?


Potential holds vast amounts of upside for every individual.


A healthy mind and body achieves more.


Daily improvements will win this race.


Growth requires work, yet fun must reign supreme.


These simple truths comprise our core. Join with us as we impact the world.



Additionally, Lynne and Priscilla extended an invitation to our PBL group and any interested friends to listen to an audio recording of a locally-recorded conference call from the previous day, 12/9/14 with Dr. Charlie Rouse. In it, he shares his unique knowledge and understanding of the human body and how Vísi products work in our body. Listen to learn especially how Vísi seeks to help people feel, look, and function better throughout and after the holidays.

Visi Recording of Dr. Charlie Rouse, Recorded Tuesday, December 9, 8:00pm EST
Call-in Number to Listen: 712-432-0075, Pin: 421355#

Have you given up what’s possible? Vísi provides multiple ways for partners to enhance their lives: life-changing leadership, products, and opportunity. Contact Lynne to learn more about living your best life with Vísi.

Where to Begin Lasting Lifestyle Changes

by Terri Hawkins

How do you stay motivated to meet your fitness goals? Do you have reasonable goals? How about just getting started? No matter what shape you are in, having the personal support of fitness professionals can make all the difference.

ABSolute Fitness, NC, a locally owned and operated gym, is helping people of all ages and stages of fitness to meet their fitness potential, according to trainer James Parker-Ashley. He loves to share success stories of the changes they make in many lives:

  • Those healing from surgical procedures
  • Athletes training for teams
  • People with weight loss goals
  • Kids
  • Clients older than “four score and seven years”
  • New moms
  • Those striving to squeeze in fitness to improve quality of life

Seeing is believing…but doing is even better. Sneak a peek at their website or Facebook page, then drop in to meet the team in Greensboro (1570-B Highwoods Boulevard is conveniently located off New Garden Road and Bryan Boulevard–behind The Fresh Market).

Or, if you know of a company seeking to help their employees find time to stay in shape, introduce James to their HR manager, to help them make healthy lifestyle changes a reality–whether customized for their on-site needs or at the gym.

To a healthier and fitter 2015, with James and the ABSolute Fitness team!