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Can You See Who Was in Your Home?

by Terri Hawkins

By the time the police arrive, it is likely the intruders will be gone. When people think about improving their safety, video surveillance is an added layer of security to consider, as it complements access control and important intrusion detection. Video recording serves as a deterrence to many criminals—but when this is not the case, a properly installed system can provide families and businesses a better chance to help authorities identify and capture thieves or trespassers.

Gary Hedrick, of Alarm Alert, provides a number of quality, affordable plans for homeowners, renters, and business needs and budgets, including payment plans, so his clients don’t have to compromise quality for cash flow. Plans vary from simple, 10-second motion-triggered video recordings stored by a host service with monthly fees and limited storage to robust packages with internal, continuous recordings stored on a local server with features, such as remote access. There are many different types and qualities of cameras, depending on the range of monitoring and what a client would want authorities to be able to see.

So, if you know of someone who locks their door at night, but realizes that is not enough peace-of-mind security or backup, give Gary a call. The Alarm Alert team also serves both home and business security needs, so think about who you know with security concerns–or make your own appointment today!

Do-It-Yourself & Full-Service Security Systems

by Dan Dunbeck


“If you lock your doors at night, you need a security system.”

Gary Hedrick of Alarm Alert LLC provides home security options for both businesses and homeowners.
No matter what your needs or budget may be, Alarm Alert provides several options for its commercial and residential customers.

  • Installed full-service system
  • DIY self-installed system
  • DIY system with installation support

All DIY systems include a GE control panel and can accommodate up to 40 zones. Systems also feature passive infra-red motion detectors that operate in a range of up to 25 feet. Your system can also include Video Cameras, Fire Monitoring, and Home Automation. Systems are customized to meet your needs.
These DIY systems are provided by Protect America. Protect America provides a triple guarantee:
1. Lowest Price
2. No Equipment Fee
3. Lifetime Replacement Plan
Contact Gary Hedrick today to see if a DIY security system is a good option for your home or business.


Could a security system help you feel safer at home? Protect your business?

Isn’t It Time to Protect Your Home and Family?


More than 2 million home burglaries are reported every year.

70% of those burglaries occur through a locked entry.

Homes with a security system are 300% less likely to suffer a break-in attempt!

Those are huge numbers! Alarm Alert has custom packages to fit every need and every budget including door entry alarms, motion detectors, and glass break sensors. And it’s affordable–monitoring starts at only $14.99 per month with an average response time of 17.8 seconds. Your security is priority.

If you’ve ever suffered a break-in, don’t let it happen again. Alarm Alert can help protect your home and give back your peace of mind. Call Gary Hedrick today for a FREE estimate.