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Don’t Settle, Dream BIG!

by Terri Hawkins

What are your goals for 2015? Are you dreaming BIG? If not, Lynne Gladstone with Vísi would love to share the vision of her team. On Wednesday, December 10, Lynn and her visitor, Priscilla Harrison, spoke about leveraging opportunity, which they summed up in the words of their new Vísi Anthem:


Everyone wakes up to begin their day, yet how many embrace the opportunity to conquer it?


Potential holds vast amounts of upside for every individual.


A healthy mind and body achieves more.


Daily improvements will win this race.


Growth requires work, yet fun must reign supreme.


These simple truths comprise our core. Join with us as we impact the world.



Additionally, Lynne and Priscilla extended an invitation to our PBL group and any interested friends to listen to an audio recording of a locally-recorded conference call from the previous day, 12/9/14 with Dr. Charlie Rouse. In it, he shares his unique knowledge and understanding of the human body and how Vísi products work in our body. Listen to learn especially how Vísi seeks to help people feel, look, and function better throughout and after the holidays.

Visi Recording of Dr. Charlie Rouse, Recorded Tuesday, December 9, 8:00pm EST
Call-in Number to Listen: 712-432-0075, Pin: 421355#

Have you given up what’s possible? Vísi provides multiple ways for partners to enhance their lives: life-changing leadership, products, and opportunity. Contact Lynne to learn more about living your best life with Vísi.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle in an Unhealthy World

by Shelby Kernodle

Do you suffer from Fatigue, Hypothyroidism or Headaches? Do you know of anyone who suffers from these symptoms or diseases? If your answer is YES, Dr. Joe Draper with Advance Wellness Chiropractic will provide a FREE consultation!

Most people can be sick and not even know they are sick! Dr. Draper uses a Functional Medicine Diagram to explain how symptoms occur in the body and the benefits of having a Healthy Lifestyle, Diet, and Exercise!
So….how do we live a healthy lifestyle in an unhealthy world? The answer is The Six Steps to Wellness:
• Structure
• Electro Magnetic Therapy
• Nutrition
• Emotional Therapy
• Detoxification
• Allergies and Sensitivities

Symptoms are like a flower. If you treat the symptoms properly, your body will function properly. Call Dr. Draper with Advance Wellness Chiropractic today and begin your journey to a healthy YOU!

Discover the Magic of the Arctic Cloudberry

Are you trying to lose weight, feel better or just lose that cloud of mental fog?

Vísi has a natural product line to help you achieve these goals and more!

Centered on the powerful benefits of Scandinavian nature including the Arctic Cloudberry, Vísi products combine the secrets of ancient healing with modern science, research and medicine. The Arctic Cloudberry is ripened under the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun of Scandinavia. Completely natural, distinctly flavorful and highly prized for its nutritional value, the Arctic Cloudberry boasts extremely high levels of vitamins A, C, E and B, calcium, magnesium and ellagitannins and ellagic acid, which are potent antioxidants. The Scandinavian people have depended on the Arctic Cloudberry (also known as Scandinavian Gold) for centuries to promote health and natural beauty.

Contact Lynne Gladstone to find out how you can start feeling better today!