by Shelby Kernodle

Do you suffer from Fatigue, Hypothyroidism or Headaches? Do you know of anyone who suffers from these symptoms or diseases? If your answer is YES, Dr. Joe Draper with Advance Wellness Chiropractic will provide a FREE consultation!

Most people can be sick and not even know they are sick! Dr. Draper uses a Functional Medicine Diagram to explain how symptoms occur in the body and the benefits of having a Healthy Lifestyle, Diet, and Exercise!
So….how do we live a healthy lifestyle in an unhealthy world? The answer is The Six Steps to Wellness:
• Structure
• Electro Magnetic Therapy
• Nutrition
• Emotional Therapy
• Detoxification
• Allergies and Sensitivities

Symptoms are like a flower. If you treat the symptoms properly, your body will function properly. Call Dr. Draper with Advance Wellness Chiropractic today and begin your journey to a healthy YOU!