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Where to Begin Lasting Lifestyle Changes

by Terri Hawkins

How do you stay motivated to meet your fitness goals? Do you have reasonable goals? How about just getting started? No matter what shape you are in, having the personal support of fitness professionals can make all the difference.

ABSolute Fitness, NC, a locally owned and operated gym, is helping people of all ages and stages of fitness to meet their fitness potential, according to trainer James Parker-Ashley. He loves to share success stories of the changes they make in many lives:

  • Those healing from surgical procedures
  • Athletes training for teams
  • People with weight loss goals
  • Kids
  • Clients older than “four score and seven years”
  • New moms
  • Those striving to squeeze in fitness to improve quality of life

Seeing is believing…but doing is even better. Sneak a peek at their website or Facebook page, then drop in to meet the team in Greensboro (1570-B Highwoods Boulevard is conveniently located off New Garden Road and Bryan Boulevard–behind The Fresh Market).

Or, if you know of a company seeking to help their employees find time to stay in shape, introduce James to their HR manager, to help them make healthy lifestyle changes a reality–whether customized for their on-site needs or at the gym.

To a healthier and fitter 2015, with James and the ABSolute Fitness team!

Is the Foundation of Your Financial Home Solid?

by Terri Hawkins


If you had a medical situation keeping you from work, how long could you pay your bills or stay on track for your long-term goals? Medical insurance helps pay the medical bills, but how would you deal with lost income and all of your other bills?

Savings, investments, and even your estate plans are important “floors” and “roofs” for your financial home—but these can easily tumble if you haven’t considered how to protect your income in the event of an accident or illness.

Disability Insurance is a foundational component of solid financial planning, according to Diana Tate, District Sales Coordinator with Aflac. Aflac knows people have bills to pay. So in the event of a medical incident, claims are typically paid within 3-4 days, keeping policyholders on track financially.

One of the biggest wins for people with Aflac protection is that money is paid directly to the policyholders. In other words, Aflac doesn’t coordinate benefits from any other provider. Read: every policyholder gets all the money they are entitled to per their Aflac policy–and it doesn’t matter what medical policy does or doesn’t pay.

Aflac is also a budget friendly option—both for employers and the policyholders. Businesses don’t pay for their employees’ supplemental insurance, but they do help individuals achieve lower rates as part of their company’s group. Also, Aflac clients don’t have to worry about changing costs, as the rates never increase.

Introduce your friends and business owners to Diana for Aflac‘s affordable protection.


Did you know 60% of Americans don’t have a financial plan to handle the unexpected? Aflac provides a solid foundation for your financial home, freeing you to spend your energies on important physical and emotional needs in the event of unexpected, challenging times.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle in an Unhealthy World

by Shelby Kernodle

Do you suffer from Fatigue, Hypothyroidism or Headaches? Do you know of anyone who suffers from these symptoms or diseases? If your answer is YES, Dr. Joe Draper with Advance Wellness Chiropractic will provide a FREE consultation!

Most people can be sick and not even know they are sick! Dr. Draper uses a Functional Medicine Diagram to explain how symptoms occur in the body and the benefits of having a Healthy Lifestyle, Diet, and Exercise!
So….how do we live a healthy lifestyle in an unhealthy world? The answer is The Six Steps to Wellness:
• Structure
• Electro Magnetic Therapy
• Nutrition
• Emotional Therapy
• Detoxification
• Allergies and Sensitivities

Symptoms are like a flower. If you treat the symptoms properly, your body will function properly. Call Dr. Draper with Advance Wellness Chiropractic today and begin your journey to a healthy YOU!

How Will You Pay Your Bills If You Can’t Work?

That’s a tough question. Fortunately, Diana Tate with Aflac has the answer.

Aflac is supplemental insurance coverage that is completely separate from your health coverage. So what does that mean? Aflac will pay you directly regardless of your insurance coverage.

Did you chip your tooth? That’s an accident–and it’s covered under Aflac’s accident coverage. Need to travel to a different city for medical care? Aflac will pay you for the treatment and help with your transportation and lodging! And what’s better…if you get sick or hurt, they’ll send you a check within 3-4 days!

Thinking it will never happen to you is no back-up plan. There are very few guarantees in life. This is one of them. Isn’t time you get in on it?

Individuals can open their own policy, and it’s free for employers to offer Aflac coverage to their employees. Plus there are possible tax incentives, and you only need 3 people to sign up.

Here’s what Aflac has to offer:

  • Personal Sickness Indemnity
  • Dental Insurance
  • Accident Indemnity
  • Cancer Indemnity
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Critical Care and Recovery
  • Hospital Protection

Contact Diana Tate today to get your back-up plan in place! Aflac’s got you under their wing.