That’s a tough question. Fortunately, Diana Tate with Aflac has the answer.

Aflac is supplemental insurance coverage that is completely separate from your health coverage. So what does that mean? Aflac will pay you directly regardless of your insurance coverage.

Did you chip your tooth? That’s an accident–and it’s covered under Aflac’s accident coverage. Need to travel to a different city for medical care? Aflac will pay you for the treatment and help with your transportation and lodging! And what’s better…if you get sick or hurt, they’ll send you a check within 3-4 days!

Thinking it will never happen to you is no back-up plan. There are very few guarantees in life. This is one of them. Isn’t time you get in on it?

Individuals can open their own policy, and it’s free for employers to offer Aflac coverage to their employees. Plus there are possible tax incentives, and you only need 3 people to sign up.

Here’s what Aflac has to offer:

  • Personal Sickness Indemnity
  • Dental Insurance
  • Accident Indemnity
  • Cancer Indemnity
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Critical Care and Recovery
  • Hospital Protection

Contact Diana Tate today to get your back-up plan in place! Aflac’s got you under their wing.