by Terri Hawkins

How do you stay motivated to meet your fitness goals? Do you have reasonable goals? How about just getting started? No matter what shape you are in, having the personal support of fitness professionals can make all the difference.

ABSolute Fitness, NC, a locally owned and operated gym, is helping people of all ages and stages of fitness to meet their fitness potential, according to trainer James Parker-Ashley. He loves to share success stories of the changes they make in many lives:

  • Those healing from surgical procedures
  • Athletes training for teams
  • People with weight loss goals
  • Kids
  • Clients older than “four score and seven years”
  • New moms
  • Those striving to squeeze in fitness to improve quality of life

Seeing is believing…but doing is even better. Sneak a peek at their website or Facebook page, then drop in to meet the team in Greensboro (1570-B Highwoods Boulevard is conveniently located off New Garden Road and Bryan Boulevard–behind The Fresh Market).

Or, if you know of a company seeking to help their employees find time to stay in shape, introduce James to their HR manager, to help them make healthy lifestyle changes a reality–whether customized for their on-site needs or at the gym.

To a healthier and fitter 2015, with James and the ABSolute Fitness team!