by Mike Dolianitis

With more than 20 years of repair and handyman service experience, Joel Hampson with Complete Home Services has provided superior results for home owners and commercial clients of all sizes. By listening to their clients’ needs, Joel will design the work plan and complete it with style and beauty at a reasonable price. Joel has shown just how much even the smallest improvement can make. So if you have any repair or handyman needs from shelving to custom builds, drywall to closets, bathrooms, kitchens, floor tiles, and even your attic … call Joel today at 336-422-9891.  Joel will provide you with a repair that lasts, and you will be completely impressed with the final result.

Is Complete Home Services able to help with your exterior as well as interior needs? YES! You’ll love the look that Complete Home Services adds by creating usable outside space. Save money and avoid the need to rent a storage unit, too.

Have you ever had or seen a water leak in a laundry room, bathroom or kitchen? The damage to flooring, sub-floors, and drywall is extensive. Not only a danger, but the mold and potential for termites is all too real. Joel will not only repair the damage, but make it better than new. Also, Complete Home Services just completed a French Door repair and extended the doorway by nearly a foot to enhance the lighting and beauty of an elegant entrance.  They can do it all!

From top to bottom, Joel and Complete Home Services will guarantee quality and always puts you first. Being family owned, Joel understands how important your home is. He takes pride in offering quality results. Residential and commercial clients rave about Joel — and after the repair, call on Complete Home Services again and ask for his wife of 17 years – Carley.  She and her team provide Full Maid Services.

Call Joel today!