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Painters Who Care About Customers

by Karen Anderson

Does your house need a “paint makeover,” and are you just dreading this daunting project? Maybe your kitchen or bathroom cabinets need a fresh, new look. Ron Davis, owner of Southern Style Property Works, LLC, and his team of professional painters can help with all of your painting needs — both exterior and interior, refacing cabinets, and glazing or faux painting projects, as well as any drywall projects you may have.

Providing top service to every customer

Ron’s team has more than 20 years of combined experience. They are very customer oriented, showing up when promised, finishing on schedule, and cleaning up like they were never there. Ron’s crews also installs and repairs dry wall, which is a major benefit. Ron currently has four crews that stay busy providing top service to every customer.

Before you start any repainting project, one of the most important things to know before painting is to find out whether the current paint is oil or latex paint. Ron gives this tip: Rub a little denatured alcohol over the paint. If the paint comes off, it is latex paint. If it does not, it is oil-based paint.

If your house needs some sprucing up with a fresh coat of paint:
“Call others for a quote.
Call Ron to get the job done!”

Southern Style Property Works, LLC
Bonded and Insured
Call 336.383.6526 today!

Call others for a quote. Call Ron to get the job done!

Clean and Organize with Professional Help

by Charmaine Blount

Hocus pocus Alli-and-Carley cazoo!
There are clothes piled to the ceiling fan in the land of Who-Knew.
Spic and span may be the plan….
But in the land of Who-Knew, you need the right kind of cleaning clan.
In the land of Who-Knew, what do we do?
Pick up the phone and call YOU KNOW WHO!
Alli and Carley are a special team…
From organized rooms to a master gleam,
From move-in to move-out,
There can’t be a doubt.
Upstairs and down,
Get the best cleaning crew in town!
It’s no dream —
They clean and organize to the extreme!
If you live in the Land of Who-Knew,
Don’t cry boo-hoo.
Give this team a call,
For they will do it all!

Alli McVann, owner and organizer extraordinaire of Allicadabra, makes calm spaces out of chaos and clutter. So if you find yourself wishing for:

  • An organized room (kitchen, closet, garage, office, bedroom, bathroom, etc.)
  • More space for what’s important
  • Time to pursue what you really want to do
  • Someone you can trust to delegate your to-do list
  • Pain-free relocating

… then call Alli and let her wave her magic wand to get it all done for you! 336-491-6900

Allicadabra, makes calm spaces out of chaos and clutter.

Carley Hamspon, owner and cleaning machine extraordinaire of Complete Home Services, gets rid of dirt and turns your house into a sparkling, fresh-smelling home — from top to bottom! So if you find yourself wishing for:

  • A one-time deep cleaning.
  • A regular schedule cleaning.
  • Home entertaining assistance before and after to free up time for guests.
  • Someone reliable and dependable in your home
  • Or you just want to get your weekends back.

… then call Carley and let her use her magic towel to get it all done for you! 336-422-9892

Complete Home Services turns your house into a sparkling, fresh-smelling home!

Together Alli and Carley will do what we, in the Land of Who Knew, don’t want to.


RPM of the Triad Keeps Homes Rented

by Mike Dolianitis

Pam McGinnis and the staff at Real Property Management of the Triad are your local area Property Management experts in helping both Investing Home Owners join with potential residents to find the right house, town home or condo in the Greensboro, NC, area. Real Property Management of the Triad works closely with homeowners who want to rent their property in lieu of placing the home for sale. Many clients have called Real Property Management of the Triad due to an employment transfer, and Pam has made such a nervous time into a quick, relaxing, and confident rental.

Real Property Management of the Triad works closely with homeowners who want to rent their property in lieu of placing the home for sale.

So what does Pam do differently to make renting a home so easy? Talk to her just once and you will notice the care and compassion she demonstrates every day. Her network of more than 200 affiliate offices, superior knowledge of Tenant Laws, and tenured property managers will help investors reduce their risk; and residents are comforted with this protection, 24/7 maintenance lines, and knowledgeable office staff.

Here are more reasons to use RPM of the Triad:

  • Cost-effective Pricing
  • Local Experience
  • Shorter Vacancies!
  • Rigorous Screening
  • Streamlined Collections
  • Compliant Evictions
  • Centralized Accounting
  • Property Inspections and Remodels!
  • Ethics and Integrity

Real Property Management of the Triad will compile a market analysis for your area and have all paperwork needed to the owner so all questions will be answered to the highest level of satisfaction. Pictures, lockbox, marketing campaigns, and wide area coverage throughout the Triad highlight your property to many different sectors of the market and through 100’s of websites. Showing agents throughout the Triad know the property inside and out. They have excellent communication skills and get results with leases that have been thoroughly vetted. Real Property Management of the Triad is a seasoned industry leader in Residential Property Management.

Both owners and residents can access their information 24 hours a day via their respective portals located on the Real Property Management of the Triad website at  Call Pam at 336.355.6677 today to get more information, and to be pleasantly greeted and well served.

Both owners and residents can access their information 24 hours a day.

Massage that Melts Away Your Stress and Pain

by Mike Dolianitis

In this rushed and hurried time we live in, stress and pain can pile up quickly. That’s why you should call Dee Manieri at The Nurtured Body. You’ll get the best massage to melt away that stress and pain with her talent and years of experience as a licensed Massage Therapist. Most importantly, Dee will provide you a variety of massage options that pinpoint your specific needs. Take runners and joggers, for example. Dee’s touch will eliminate runners knee, pain behind the kneecap, and help strengthen weak hip muscles. Dee believes strongly in the RICE approach – Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.  Combining that with her Message Therapy and stretching both before & after running will wipe out that pain.

Massage that melts away stress and pain

Benefits of massage for runners include increased strength, flexibility, circulation, and even sleep and relaxation! Improve your muscle tone and increase performance with Dee:

  • Achilles Tendonitis – Dee’s cross-tissue Message Therapy is the right approach for such a tight tendon issue
  • Hamstrings – Dee takes on a deep tissue Message Therapy and incorporates weights and RICE
  • Planter Fascitis – yet another of Dee’s specialties is the cross-fiber friction Message Therapy with a focus on the calf and foot muscles
  • Shin Splints – OUCH!  See how Dee will stretch those muscles and alleviate that pain!
  • Iliotibial Syndrome (foot pain as it strikes the ground) – Her technical skills with RICE, deep tissue massage, stretching, and foam rubber rollers build the base of the foot and strengthen arches
  • Stress Fractures – obviously will take you off the running path for a while but, while healing, make sure to add calories and continue weight lifting

Remember, not all strategies are the same, and it takes a seasoned professional such as Dee Manieri at The Nurtured Body to access exactly what helps you most and fastest. Call Dee today at 336-207-9832 or contact for more information or to set up an appointment.  You’ll be glad you did!

Make an appointment today. You’ll be glad you did!

Greensboro Electric – Since 1986

by Mike Dolianitis

Thomas Eyring of Greensboro Electric Services is a licensed Electrical Contractor and Building Performing Institute graduate who installs, repairs, and replaces all types of electrical devices in your home or office. He’ll approach your property with a complete review that takes electrical devices and wiring, sealing air ducts, and weatherizing into account while also helping you with environmentally friendly lighting changes. Thomas has been in Greensboro since 1986 and has completed more than 2,000 home inspections! Some of Thomas’ recent work includes:

  • Knob and tube wiring of a 100-year-old home, where he replaced the original wiring with Romex Cable
  • Installation of power generators
  • Fuse panel change-outs
  • Connections maintenance – a true energy and money-saving task that will help manage cast-off heat, and avoids arcing and waste, while lowering your power bill!
  • Licensed Electrical Inspections with service panel evaluations
  • Parking lot light change outs
  • State-of-the-art Digital Control Systems installations
  • Safety Inspections – including attic and crawl space maintenance
  • Any and all general improvements that will help save energy and cost, all while increasing safety
More than 2,000 home inspections!

Call Thomas Eyring at 336-988-1621 today!

Video Production: Creating the Best Image for your Company

by Mike Dolianitis

Do images speak to you?  What does your image say about your company? Alan Kirby and his team at All Pro Media create comprehensive video production and online marketing strategies that profile your business and net positive returns. All Pro Media has an approach that markets your brand by establishing the value of your services directly to your market; therefore, building trust and expanding your image. But it goes even further with Alan at All Pro Media.

Comprehensive online marketing strategies that promote your business and net positive returns

Once this benchmark is formed, the SEO cycle continues working for you.  The professionals at All Pro Media are cutting-edge visionaries who keep in tune with updates from Google, You Tube, Twitter and the other social media giants that will differentiate your business from your competition.  How does he do it:

  • Video Production – TV-quality productions that will amaze you.  Regardless of your industry, let Alan show you his recent professional advertisements.
  • Website Design – All Pro Media will provide you with the latest designs, but will also teach you how to maximize the data headers behind the page. Versatility is crucial and Alan will show you how.
  • Advertising – this is where your website will be a money maker for you.

This overall marketing approach will increase your web traffic and revenues.  Videos will be 53X more likely to be viewed than if you simply add static links. That’s 53X! The videos produced by All Pro Media are TV quality, including color, music, editing, and the equipment. With an astounding 25-year track record, the team of experienced professionals at All Pro Media have provided exceptional service and results to clients across the Piedmont and all over the country.

Build your Universal Brand through All Pro Media by calling Alan today at 336-229-7700.



College Planning CPR for Parents of College-Bound Kids

by Terri Hawkins


Does just thinking about paying for college cause your heart to skip a beat? Do you hear parents around you bemoaning the skyrocketing costs of college?  

To be protected from a “financial heart attack,” you or any such parents should schedule a complimentary CPR meeting with Pat Fehlig, a Certified College Planning Relief Specialist. Pat doesn’t just focus on the best financial path for students and their families—she also helps match colleges suited to students’ academic paths, for a comprehensive planning approach.

Pat helps such families think about the end results their children desire, then uses her resources and tools to help families find and pick the colleges known for students’ career choices. And, more than looking at sticker-price, she also helps parents wade through the financial options to better understand how to prepare and guide their children through the maze of college choices.

Many parents are not aware that out-of-pocket costs don’t necessarily correlate with the sticker price of a school. For instance, while annual tuition of a public school costs less than private, not-for-profit and private-for-profit schools, students generally take more time to graduate from public schools, losing some of that potential financial advantage. Often times, gifts and other funding available at private schools exceed that of public schools, so that combining all financial options, it can cost less out-of-pocket to go to a private school rather than a public school.

Get help wading through financial options to better understand, and to prepare and guide your children through the maze of college choices!

So, do you know someone with college-bound kids? Let them know Pat is available to meet with them personally, and that she provides FREE workshops to parents of middle and high school students and athletes. Introduce her to small business owners, those wondering about tax-advantage strategies, youth pastors, PTAs, and other such groups… with parents who would like to have money left for their own retirements!

Contact Pat Fehlig, President, College Funding Innovations at (336) 790-7148,

More about CPR:

Water Use Solutions for Home and Business

by Terri Hawkins


Is it possible to clean laundry without detergent? What about transforming your hard water to soft without chemicals or salts?

Larry Osborne of Eco Green Lighting, Electric, Water & Air recently explained the technology behind two of his “magical” environmental friendly tools for naturally treating water, each with great benefits for both homeowners and businesses. The Hard Water Genie and PureWash both provide healthy, efficient, and money-saving alternatives to additives such as salt and detergents.

The Hard Water Genie is an external water softener system, simply wrapped around pipes for easy installation, and it works by changing the way minerals behave. The “magic” of this unit is its microprocessor and dual-wave technology (Radio Frequency (RF) and Direct Inductive Coupling (DIC), if you really must know), to neutralize minerals that form buildup in pipes and leave deposits on clothes, showers, etc.

Here are some of the great benefits of The Hard Water Genie:

  • Provides soft water that feels, lathers, cleans, and rinses better
  • Reduces existing hard water buildup, improving flow
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Uses no salt
  • Wastes no water
  • Takes no floor space
  • Cuts hot water heating costs
  • Extends the life of pipes, appliances, clothing, etc.
  • Saves you money!

AND the Hard Water Genie has a lifetime warranty.

The Hard Water Genie and PureWash both provide healthy, efficient, and money-saving alternatives to additives such as salt and detergents.

Pure Wash, a natural, easy-to-install laundry system, which uses technology originally developed for industrial and medical applications, is now also a cost-effective way to clean and disinfect clothes with little-to-no detergent–or hot water! Its “magic” is in the of Hydroxyl Radical (HR) Molecules, which are one of nature’s most powerful and safe cleansers, sanitizing and deodorizing air and water.

Find out what PureWash does:

  • Safely cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes faster and better than detergents
  • Takes little-to-no detergents, softeners or bleach
  • Eliminates sensitive skin allergies and infections
  • Does not pollute the water system
  • Requires no energy to heat water
  • Saves drying time
  • Takes no floor space
  • Maintenance-free
  • Extends the life of clothing and linens
  • Saves you money!

While these scientifically-based solutions are not really magic, the financial results to the businesses and homeowners who use them are. For a family of four, estimated savings are $300-$600 a year for each of these solutions, quickly paying for the one-time investment for each ($349  for the Hard Water Genie or $397 for the PureWash – plus tax and shipping). Both of these great, water-based products pay for themselves in the first year of use, while also resulting in healthier, safer water and cleaning solutions.

Give Larry a call to see how easy it is to begin, or to introduce him to your business (like daycares and restaurants) and homeowner friends (especially those with children or allergies) who could benefit by saving time and money with lower water, heating, detergent, and health-related costs.

ABC Roofing Among Best NC Roofers, Backed by Good Housekeeping

by Terri Hawkins

Seal Your Roofing Deal

…with a Roofer BACKED by Good Housekeeping

When making one of the largest investments in your home, such as a roof replacement, trust is important. And that trust should have some teeth to it. Some good questions to explore when speaking with your roofing candidates:

  • Are they adequately insured for your protection?
  • Do they have a proven reputation in your community?
  • Are they committed to ongoing professional training?
  • What licensing do they have?

When homeowners choose locally owned and operated ABC Roofing, Inc., a GAF Master Elite™ Roofer, they receive professionally-trained installation with extensive protection and warranty options.  GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, has stringent standards for their roofing contractors, as they do their products. Only the top 3% of all roofing contractors have qualified as factory-certified, Master Elite contractors.

Greg Flury, owner of ABC Roofing, explained recently how GAF’s ongoing high product and certification standards have helped their highly-trained contractors to have their installations backed—not just endorsed—by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. The Good Housekeeping Seal is earned and maintained by strict reviews and product testing, and with it comes a two-year warranty to add to manufacturer backing.

“They don’t just trust – they verify” – About the GH Seal, The Wall Street Journal, February 2, 2010

For ABC Roofing to achieve its GAF Master Elite roofer certification, and provide the added Good Housekeeping two-year warranty, it has to successfully meet and maintain five criteria:

  • Be in business 5 years—this takes the worry out of the selection processing, helping customers avoid “fly-by-nighters”
  • Be fully insured–with worker’s comp and general liability
  • Be up-to-date with GAF training–all installers must be trained once a year by GAF
  • Have a good reputation in its community—this is assessed by constant checking with local suppliers and surveys to customer when they submit their warranty paperwork
  • Meet state licensing requirements. Did you know NC doesn’t have any licensing for roofing contractors?

With no licensing standards in NC, how do you verify your roofer’s credentials and competency?
With no licensing standards in NC, how do you verify your roofer’s credentials and competency? Choosing ABC Roofing, as one of only 3 GAF Master Elite-certified contractors in the Triad, protects homeowners from playing “Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey” with roof selections. Don’t let roofing projects “go wrong in a big way”—call Greg with ABC Roofing.

Remember to introduce your friends who you know have roofing projects, too. (Share the link to this article, Greg’s contact info, or ABC Roofing website, too, for their quick reference.) Homeowners, real estate agents, and contractors are all great introductions for Greg and his team to seal the deal!

You can watch the GAF “seal the deal” video here:

Social Media that Drives Sales

Need to get on social media to promote your business, but don’t have the time?

Worried that you can’t keep up with posting once you get started?

Wondering if you’ll run out of ideas?


That’s when Nikki Corbett at Precise Proofing steps in. She can manage your social media without a hitch, so you can get back to the business of running your business. Whether your budget calls for 1 or 2 posts a day or 10+ per day, her team can manage your posting, create content for you, keep it fresh, and help you reach out to NEW customers in an untapped market. After all, you need to fish where the fish are.

Social media management without a hitch!

Here’s a list of social media services that Nikki can provide:

  • Gather followers.
  • Follow competitors, industry leaders, etc.
  • Broadcast promotions, contests & specials.
  • Provide customer support.
  • Answer questions.
  • Introduce new concepts & communities.
  • Provide transparency.
  • Share interesting/relevant industry news & tidbits.
  • Drive traffic to your blog, website & other social media.

Nikki can employ strategies to help you get the most out of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, or any other way you’d like to reach your online audience. PLUS you’ll get periodic feedback regarding what’ working and what’s not. Social media is constantly evolving, and you need someone who can react to those constant changes.

Did you know the average social media follower expects a response in ONLY 13 minutes?

Yes, that’s right! Don’t wait for a competitor to grab your customer first. Impulse decisions happen online, too. It’s time to show your customer that you care enough to respond to them quickly — no matter how they choose to engage with you. Don’t waste any more time. Call Nikki Corbett today at 336.681.3167 to schedule your FREE social media consultation. You’ll rest easy knowing that this aspect of your business is being taken care of for you — AND making money for you too!

Show your customer that you care enough to respond to them quickly — no matter how they choose to engage with you.