by Terri Hawkins


Does just thinking about paying for college cause your heart to skip a beat? Do you hear parents around you bemoaning the skyrocketing costs of college?  

To be protected from a “financial heart attack,” you or any such parents should schedule a complimentary CPR meeting with Pat Fehlig, a Certified College Planning Relief Specialist. Pat doesn’t just focus on the best financial path for students and their families—she also helps match colleges suited to students’ academic paths, for a comprehensive planning approach.

Pat helps such families think about the end results their children desire, then uses her resources and tools to help families find and pick the colleges known for students’ career choices. And, more than looking at sticker-price, she also helps parents wade through the financial options to better understand how to prepare and guide their children through the maze of college choices.

Many parents are not aware that out-of-pocket costs don’t necessarily correlate with the sticker price of a school. For instance, while annual tuition of a public school costs less than private, not-for-profit and private-for-profit schools, students generally take more time to graduate from public schools, losing some of that potential financial advantage. Often times, gifts and other funding available at private schools exceed that of public schools, so that combining all financial options, it can cost less out-of-pocket to go to a private school rather than a public school.

Get help wading through financial options to better understand, and to prepare and guide your children through the maze of college choices!

So, do you know someone with college-bound kids? Let them know Pat is available to meet with them personally, and that she provides FREE workshops to parents of middle and high school students and athletes. Introduce her to small business owners, those wondering about tax-advantage strategies, youth pastors, PTAs, and other such groups… with parents who would like to have money left for their own retirements!

Contact Pat Fehlig, President, College Funding Innovations at (336) 790-7148,

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