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Water Use Solutions for Home and Business

by Terri Hawkins


Is it possible to clean laundry without detergent? What about transforming your hard water to soft without chemicals or salts?

Larry Osborne of Eco Green Lighting, Electric, Water & Air recently explained the technology behind two of his “magical” environmental friendly tools for naturally treating water, each with great benefits for both homeowners and businesses. The Hard Water Genie and PureWash both provide healthy, efficient, and money-saving alternatives to additives such as salt and detergents.

The Hard Water Genie is an external water softener system, simply wrapped around pipes for easy installation, and it works by changing the way minerals behave. The “magic” of this unit is its microprocessor and dual-wave technology (Radio Frequency (RF) and Direct Inductive Coupling (DIC), if you really must know), to neutralize minerals that form buildup in pipes and leave deposits on clothes, showers, etc.

Here are some of the great benefits of The Hard Water Genie:

  • Provides soft water that feels, lathers, cleans, and rinses better
  • Reduces existing hard water buildup, improving flow
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Uses no salt
  • Wastes no water
  • Takes no floor space
  • Cuts hot water heating costs
  • Extends the life of pipes, appliances, clothing, etc.
  • Saves you money!

AND the Hard Water Genie has a lifetime warranty.

The Hard Water Genie and PureWash both provide healthy, efficient, and money-saving alternatives to additives such as salt and detergents.

Pure Wash, a natural, easy-to-install laundry system, which uses technology originally developed for industrial and medical applications, is now also a cost-effective way to clean and disinfect clothes with little-to-no detergent–or hot water! Its “magic” is in the of Hydroxyl Radical (HR) Molecules, which are one of nature’s most powerful and safe cleansers, sanitizing and deodorizing air and water.

Find out what PureWash does:

  • Safely cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes faster and better than detergents
  • Takes little-to-no detergents, softeners or bleach
  • Eliminates sensitive skin allergies and infections
  • Does not pollute the water system
  • Requires no energy to heat water
  • Saves drying time
  • Takes no floor space
  • Maintenance-free
  • Extends the life of clothing and linens
  • Saves you money!

While these scientifically-based solutions are not really magic, the financial results to the businesses and homeowners who use them are. For a family of four, estimated savings are $300-$600 a year for each of these solutions, quickly paying for the one-time investment for each ($349  for the Hard Water Genie or $397 for the PureWash – plus tax and shipping). Both of these great, water-based products pay for themselves in the first year of use, while also resulting in healthier, safer water and cleaning solutions.

Give Larry a call to see how easy it is to begin, or to introduce him to your business (like daycares and restaurants) and homeowner friends (especially those with children or allergies) who could benefit by saving time and money with lower water, heating, detergent, and health-related costs.

Monitoring & Driving Energy Efficiency

by Terri Hawkins

Earlier this month, Larry Osborne of Eco Green Lighting, Electric, Water & Air introduced a new business energy saving line he is now representing: Energy Integrated Solutions (EIS). Their products are useful in putting operation managers in the driver’s seat—with monitors and controls to save both energy and costs for their business. Too often, businesses don’t have real-time displays to know what is happening to their energy, and often staff work at cross purposes in managing use (the thermostat can have people visiting it all day).

For such energy usage problems, EIS has just released  their next-generation solution, not even posted on their website yet, called Site Sage, which provides and enhances, even remotely, the control of facilities–perfect for retailers, multi-location facilities, corporate campuses or industry.

Although we were able to see a sneak peek video demo of this product at our meeting, it is not even on their website yet. To get an idea of how EIS products monitor for improved performance you can click here and see the animation for their Eniscope product (or go to

If you know of someone challenged with improving their operation’s bottom line efficiencies, introduce them to Larry, so he can help them better control their energy costs.