by Terri Hawkins

Earlier this month, Larry Osborne of Eco Green Lighting, Electric, Water & Air introduced a new business energy saving line he is now representing: Energy Integrated Solutions (EIS). Their products are useful in putting operation managers in the driver’s seat—with monitors and controls to save both energy and costs for their business. Too often, businesses don’t have real-time displays to know what is happening to their energy, and often staff work at cross purposes in managing use (the thermostat can have people visiting it all day).

For such energy usage problems, EIS has just released  their next-generation solution, not even posted on their website yet, called Site Sage, which provides and enhances, even remotely, the control of facilities–perfect for retailers, multi-location facilities, corporate campuses or industry.

Although we were able to see a sneak peek video demo of this product at our meeting, it is not even on their website yet. To get an idea of how EIS products monitor for improved performance you can click here and see the animation for their Eniscope product (or go to

If you know of someone challenged with improving their operation’s bottom line efficiencies, introduce them to Larry, so he can help them better control their energy costs.