by Charmaine Blount


If you are purchasing or refinancing a primary residence, second home or investment property, or seeking a home equity or home improvement loan, John Passmore at Gateway Funding is a professional who can help guide you through the lending process. His diverse product portfolio combines flexible programs with competitive rates, and enables his knowledgeable mortgage specialists to find the ideal solution to satisfy your lending needs.




Here are the 8 steps that John uses to help his clients find their ideal solution:

Step 1      Complete a comprehensive credit review

Step 2      Complete a household budget review

Step 3      Complete a mortgage proposal

Step 4      Complete an insurance review

Step 5      Complete a financial advisor review

Step 6      Provide a new home warranty

Step 7      Provide an annual real estate evaluation

Step 8      Provide an annual mortgage review


Gateway Funding is committed to providing extraordinary customer service by making customer’ satisfaction their top priority. Gateway Funding is also dedicated to delivering quality mortgage solutions that support you in Opening Doors to Home Ownership. Contact John today!