by Terri Hawkins

Is your apartment complex starting to look like this?

As John Dunkelberger and Ben Price of Country Cable were talking about their DISH, internet and phone services, they highlighted to PBL a great service they provide for apartments and condominiums. They spruce up property cluttered by satellite dishes–simply installing two centralized satellites for each building  (one for DIRECTV and one for DISH). Need cable? Not a problem, they install a single cable box outside each building, too.

Once setup, existing customers can take their dishes off their patios. Country Cable can install equipment on poles, in natural areas, or wherever property managers prefer.

The price to install this clean, uncluttered solution? FREE! The only “catch” is simply that Country Cable becomes the exclusive provider for residents in the property, bringing them all the services of their professional, 100% local, highly trained technicians and customer service agents.

Their excellent service levels to thousands of satisfied residential and commercial customers in Burlington and Greensboro, NC, and has earned them the Preferred Dealer Awards from both DIRECTV and Dish. They sell in both for the lowest prices and packages, with FREE HD and DVR systems, and FREE professional installations.

Of your friends, do you know…

  • A property manager plagued by too many dishes?
  • Anyone tired of long waits and automated phone services?
  • How about a friend tired of high satellite, cable or phone bills?

If so, do them a favor, and refer them Country Cable today. They do dishes!