by Terri Hawkins

Each week, two PBL members share more about their business, and we post the highlights in our blog.

Carley Hampson of Complete Home Services goes the extra mile to clean your home. Her team is not an “army,” but provides consistent, personal, quality attention to your home. Their full maid services include regular home cleaning, laundry, and special projects, such as construction clean up and move-in and move-out cleaning.

If you or a loved one need time to relax, don’t have the time to do a full cleaning (or just have better things to do), call Carley to schedule your first Complete Home Services cleaning. And don’t clean before she comes. (You know you’re thinking it.) There’s NO JUDGING with Carley…just a great, clean home.

So what are you waiting for? Get your weekends back!


Have you used another cleaning service before? If so, what DIDN’T you like?

Never have? Why not? Give Carley a call!

Carley’s Tip of the Day: The Magic (bathroom) Eraser–the Cadillac of cleaning! Keep one on hand at all times. It cleans everything! (And always wet it before using.)