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Clean and Organize with Professional Help

by Charmaine Blount

Hocus pocus Alli-and-Carley cazoo!
There are clothes piled to the ceiling fan in the land of Who-Knew.
Spic and span may be the plan….
But in the land of Who-Knew, you need the right kind of cleaning clan.
In the land of Who-Knew, what do we do?
Pick up the phone and call YOU KNOW WHO!
Alli and Carley are a special team…
From organized rooms to a master gleam,
From move-in to move-out,
There can’t be a doubt.
Upstairs and down,
Get the best cleaning crew in town!
It’s no dream —
They clean and organize to the extreme!
If you live in the Land of Who-Knew,
Don’t cry boo-hoo.
Give this team a call,
For they will do it all!

Alli McVann, owner and organizer extraordinaire of Allicadabra, makes calm spaces out of chaos and clutter. So if you find yourself wishing for:

  • An organized room (kitchen, closet, garage, office, bedroom, bathroom, etc.)
  • More space for what’s important
  • Time to pursue what you really want to do
  • Someone you can trust to delegate your to-do list
  • Pain-free relocating

… then call Alli and let her wave her magic wand to get it all done for you! 336-491-6900

Allicadabra, makes calm spaces out of chaos and clutter.

Carley Hamspon, owner and cleaning machine extraordinaire of Complete Home Services, gets rid of dirt and turns your house into a sparkling, fresh-smelling home — from top to bottom! So if you find yourself wishing for:

  • A one-time deep cleaning.
  • A regular schedule cleaning.
  • Home entertaining assistance before and after to free up time for guests.
  • Someone reliable and dependable in your home
  • Or you just want to get your weekends back.

… then call Carley and let her use her magic towel to get it all done for you! 336-422-9892

Complete Home Services turns your house into a sparkling, fresh-smelling home!

Together Alli and Carley will do what we, in the Land of Who Knew, don’t want to.


Taking the Stress Out of Your Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again!

Everyone is gearing up for the holidays. If you find you’re running short on time and don’t want to clean the whole house by yourself, let Complete Home Services help you. Carley Hampson provides complete home care–everything but the dishes!

She and her team can work side by side with you or do it all for you. They can also set up and take down holiday decorations, and prepare your empty bedroom for guests.

Carley can come in for a one-time cleaning or regularly clean your home so you never have to. One thing is for sure, you will have a sparkling, fresh-smelling home from top to bottom. And you won’t see new faces every time. Complete Home Services always sends in the same people to clean your home, so they get to know you and your needs. You can expect the best clean every time and the same smiling faces to take the stress and worry out of your life. They even do laundry!

Planning a big event? No problem. You can relax or go shopping while they manage the set up and break down.

How can Complete Home Services reduce your holiday stress?

Get Your Weekends Back!

by Terri Hawkins

Each week, two PBL members share more about their business, and we post the highlights in our blog.

Carley Hampson of Complete Home Services goes the extra mile to clean your home. Her team is not an “army,” but provides consistent, personal, quality attention to your home. Their full maid services include regular home cleaning, laundry, and special projects, such as construction clean up and move-in and move-out cleaning.

If you or a loved one need time to relax, don’t have the time to do a full cleaning (or just have better things to do), call Carley to schedule your first Complete Home Services cleaning. And don’t clean before she comes. (You know you’re thinking it.) There’s NO JUDGING with Carley…just a great, clean home.

So what are you waiting for? Get your weekends back!


Have you used another cleaning service before? If so, what DIDN’T you like?

Never have? Why not? Give Carley a call!

Carley’s Tip of the Day: The Magic (bathroom) Eraser–the Cadillac of cleaning! Keep one on hand at all times. It cleans everything! (And always wet it before using.)