by Terri Hawkins

Effective advertising doesn’t have to mean spending money like the big boys—it means know where to spend your dollars to reach your buyers.

Developing an ad campaign means having a firm grasp on your audience: age, gender, location, and lifestyle. Finding an agency that knows how to listen, and then create a targeted advertising plan is the key to using your precious advertising dollars wisely.

Compare the results of your team or agency to those that All Pro Media has developed for their clients. Alan Kirby, who founded their full-service agency in 1990, shared a number TV, radio, internet, and print campaigns that provided his clients’ the returns they were looking for. With their focused approach, they are often able to increase reach without increasing their clients’ cost.

To help keep messaging and branding across platforms, they can assist with any or all your campaign needs, such as:

  • Logo development
  • Brochures
  • Photography
  • Video production
  • Advertising for multiple outlets
  • Website design

Do you know a business that needs a better rate of return for their marketing dollars? Perhaps they don’t have in-house expertise to develop materials or negotiate the best buys. Have them call, or better yet, introduce them to Alan at All Pro Media to explore producing something new together to help them more effectively reach the right client base for their business.