• by Terri Hawkins

    Although Dr. Draper provides Chiropractic treatment to care for many of his patients’ spine-related pain, he is unique in his use of an integrated Functional Medicine approach to determine the underlying causes of pain and symptoms related to many diseases. At Advance Wellness, he uses a variety of therapies to treat the whole person, including nutritional supplements, detox foot baths, and cold laser treatments, to improve health and healing.

    Ask Dr. Draper about the amazing testimonials from his patients—who were not improving in the long-term care of traditional drug-based treatments—and their amazing healing or overall improvements to their lives. Some examples of good referrals is anyone who is pre-diabetic or has Type II Diabetes, has Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel, Thyroid issues, Autoimmune conditions, pain in their lower back or neck, or even someone who wants to lose weight.


    4 Fun Tips for Staying Healthy (keeping you in a healthy parasympathetic mode)
    1. Laugh.
    2. Spend time with your family.
    3. Rest well…take naps.
    4. End your day well!


    If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, make an appointment with Dr. Draper!


    Are traditional doctors getting at the root cause of your problems, or just treating symptoms?