Do you get frustrated when you have to write for your business?

Do you feel like hiding when you have to put pen to paper?

Precise Creative can manage all of your writing and editing needs–all while getting your message noticed and creating customer incentive to buy in to your message. Here’s how…

  • Refine language – Remove redundancy, wordiness, extra prepositional phrases, etc. (a.k.a. Helps you deliver your message!)
  • Use power words– Eliminate weak verbs, forms of ‘to be,’ helping verbs, gerunds, etc.
  • Clarify your message – What does your customer need? Want? Dream? Hope? Desire? Then give it to them.
  • Create buy-in – Create incentives, a connection with your business, and help them feel good about the message they’re about to receive
  • Appeal to emotions – Trigger to purchase, call, subscribe—whatever you want them to do

Nikki Corbett can help these businesses (and many more) with brochures, rack cards, fliers, business cards, articles, website copy, video narratives, social media management, and much more:

  • Nonprofits
  • New businesses, Startups
  • Advertising/Marketing Firms
  • PR Agencies
  • Businesses that need a marketing boost
  • Businesses that don’t have time to do their own Social Media

What are your pains when it comes to writing?